12 May 2014

Denim Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits have to be one of my favourite things to wear. I find them so flattering on my particular body shape, and they're a real statement without actually having to try that hard! A lot of mine are quite smart though, so I love this one from The City Rack as it's perfect for casual, summer days. Unfortunately I got a little rip in the leg of this one, but I blame my huge calves - damn gymnastics! It's nothing a little sewing job won't fix though.

glasses* // jumpsuit*

 photo blahahahahahah_zpse127e98e.jpg


  1. Love this look and really love the shots, so fun and bright!

  2. That jumpsuit's incredible, you look awesome Alex x


  3. love these photos, want those sunglasses!

    anna at styleskittle x

  4. Love the blue hair! I wish I could pull of denim, you look so good!
    The Fashion Wonderland


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