24 April 2014

How I get Super Long Lashes

If you haven't checked out Claire Marshall's youtube videos then you are missing out BIG time. She's my biggest girl crush and I'm forever lusting to be her/her best friend. Anyway, enough with the stalker talking. She creates the most amazing videos and I wanted to see if I could make one similar. I'm actually so pleased with how this has turned out and have been tweeted by a few of you saying how much you love it, so wanted to share it with everyone on here!

I hope you enjoy, and if you're feeling super nice, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe! Every single subscriber makes me SO happy, I can't even explain!

 photo blahahahahahah_zpse127e98e.jpg


  1. Hi! Lovely blog and great post ❤️! We invite you to visit my blog :)

    kisses! ;)

  2. Love your videos! They're edited so cute, and I definitely don't follow a vlogger like you yet lol! Found your blog on the #Bbloggers Blog Hop :D



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