10 February 2014

February's Resolution

You may have previously read this post were I talked about not doing year long resolutions this year, but rather just monthly ones as I find these much easier to stick to. Last month's resolution was to have no fizzy drinks (other than sparkling water) and I so nearly managed to do it! In the whole month, I only had two fizzy drinks and that was purely because I forgot and defaulted to using lemonade as a mixer on a night out! I'm really annoyed as it wasn't even becasue I was being naughty, I simply have a terrible memory haha!

7am wtf
So for this month, I am a little behind already. It's the 10th today, so have missed over a week of February's resolution but I thought I'd make this months a harder one to make up for lost time. Starting from today, I am not going to get up any later than 10am everyday. For some, that might be very late, but for a uni student who doesn't have to be in everyday, my bed just cries out to be slept in for hours on end in the mornings!

Will any of you be joining me on this one again? Please let me know in the comments or on twitter if you do, moral support is always great! 


  1. Great resolution for this month! I'm attempting to get up early too, but being in uni for 9am four days a week kind of forces me to do that if I like it or not. Luckily I have Monday's off, so I'm planning on using them to be very productive if I manage to get up early enough x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  2. I decided in January I was going to give up chips as I'm a bit addicted to them...unfortunately I forgot and found myself eating them again! Although it wasn't out of wanting to break my resolution - I just forgot too! Ooops! :)

    Jen xx

  3. hello dear. you have very nice blog. I love it <3
    tell me what about follow each other, I always follow back so let me know (>‿♥)
    xoxo from Spain


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