18 January 2014

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas... For Her.

So, I know Valentine's day is a month away, but I always think it's better to be ahead of the game and get yourself organised! For some, Valentine's day is a bit of a no-go subject as some singletons hate the idea of it (I too was one of these people before Jack; the only card I ever received each year was from '?', but even at the age of 7 I still knew my step-dad's handwriting). And then even within the people who do celebrate it, there's the touchy subject of gifts.

Personally, I love giving presents to people whether it's a birthday, christmas or just a random Wednesday lunch time, so I'm quite fond of the Valentine's Day gifts thing. But despite this, Jack and I never really do gifts (totally contradicting myself there haha) other than maybe a box of chocolates for us to share, simply because of the lack of money.

Nonetheless, I still wanted to make this little Valentine's Day gift ideas post as I know some of you do give presents. This is one for the ladies so take note and maybe hint at your partner if you spot something you like! And hey! Even if you're single, every girl needs a treat now and again so why not spoil yourself too ;) One for the boys will be coming next week.

I know a shower cap seems an odd gift but just hear me out. This cap isn't just your average hair-keeper-dryer. No no. Save The Blow Dry has a waterproof outer shell to stop hair getting wet in the shower and to turn inside out when using a hair mask, a micro weave material inner layer to stop condensation in the shower making your hair wet, and each cap sold funds a fortnight's safe drinking water for a family in the desert region of Khandel, India (read more on that here). So not your average shower cap eh?

You can never go wrong with a body set, especially this gorgeous one from Joules which is now half price! With a body wash soufflé, a body scrub and body butter, you'll have the perfect trio for a relaxing bath as well as being left smelling like mango-y deliciousness afterwards! Once they're used up, you're also left with three sweet little tins for storing whatever you like such as rings, earrings, paper-clips, etc.

Before you say anything, nope - the £0 wasn't a typo. For those who are really on a budget (and by that I mean don't have a single penny to work with), this blogger card game is a perfect little gift to give. Head to the page linked above, and you'll find a pdf where you can print out your own set for free! After all, it's definitely the thought that counts, right? :)

These glitter bows from Prairie Charms make such lovely gifts for girly girls. They come in a huge range of colours (14 to be exact, the one pictured is in Midnight Blue) and are so sturdy. £9.13 may seem a little steep for a hair accessory but I can say in total confidence that these bows are worth it. They're solid, thick, and best of all the glitter actually stays on the bow rather than falling out on your hair and face like other glitter products tend to do!


  1. Im hoping my boyfriend gets me the naked 3 palette but am dubious as to what he may buy as hes my no means an expert in the beauty world!


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