11 January 2014

OASAP Coat and A Little Bit Of Time Travel

Just another quick outfit for you today. I received this coat a little while back but have been wearing it non stop during the colder weeks. It's SO warm as is lined with faux fur and has the biggest, snuggliest hood ever. It's also on sale at the moment too, so if you're also a fan be sure to pick it up while you still can!

This is also the first time I'd worn my necklace-not-so-necklace-keyring-thing-I-made (technical name). When I visited the Warner Brother's Studio to look at the Harry Potter sets, I wanted to take something home with me to remember the day as the trip was a birthday present. I saw a Time Turner necklace in the shop but it was something like £60, and ain't no body got time for that. So when I spotted the same pendant but on a keyring for only £8ish, my inner DIY geek came out and so decided to simply add a chain and save myself a hell of a lot of money!

What do you think of this look? Still a little too cold to be going tight-less?

Hat, New Look, similar // *Coat, OASAP, here* // Dress, Joe Brown, similar // Necklace, Warner Brother's Studios, similar // Socks, Primark, similar // *Boots, Shoe Zone, here*


  1. You look lovely Alex and your dress is so pretty! That necklace is awesome too! x


  2. You are such a style inspiration for me, I adore every single outfit you create! This outfit is also one of those amazing ones, I especially love the necklace. What a lovely gem!

    xo Mélane
    Selfhelp | Inspiration | Motivation

    1. Aw thank you lovely! I rarely reply to comments (terrible I know!) but this is such a lovely one, I couldn't not thank you! Being your style inspiration is so wonderful as that's what I wanted when starting this blog, to be able to help out others whether it be in fashion or elsewhere so thank you again my love! xx

  3. Absolutely LOVE that time turner! I want it!
    Loving your dress and that coat definitely looks really snuggly and warm (:

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  4. I love that dress, you look gorgeous here - as is your home made necklace <3

  5. Great post! As you clearly love fashion, why no enter our Van Mildert Blogger Competition? You can win a £100 voucher for simply posting an outfit on your blog!

  6. I just took a quick look on your lookbook... ALL of your looks are stunning xx <3 The way you combine all the components together :) Thank you for inspiring and for putting new ideas in my head!
    Julia xxx

  7. I returned it and I already got my money back. Then order and 2x and it fit me a little big but at least it close. One thing it was long. But I will take it to my friend who will fix the long part and tight it a little bit.


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