7 December 2013

Lepel Underwear Set

Special underwear is something that I rarely purchase as I don't have spare funds to spend on things like this. I have the most gorgeous set from Victoria's Secret which was a Christmas present a few years back, but for the set it was about £70 and even for people will double my bank balance, that's still quite a bit for a bra and thong!

Fortunately, this is where Lepel steps in. Lepel is just as luxurious as Victoria's Secret but is a fraction of the price. This set I have is called Madeline and is honestly utterly gorgeous. I think black and white sets are so chic and sexy and this one is no exception. Of course I own other bras and pants, but I've never owned a suspender belt and I have to say I rather like it! It makes me feel much more confident as it covers up that little 'rubber ring' around most girls tummies, giving the illusion of a flat stomach.

This *beautiful set* can be purchased for only £56 combined here.

Image from Lapel showing set being worn


  1. This is such a beautiful set indeed and the price is very good! Thank you for sharing dear! Love your blog! Following you :)



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