17 November 2013

Weekly Review #1

I always do different things each week, trying to have at least one regular thing such as an Instagram weekly round up or a 'things I like this week' type thing, but never seem to keep it up. I think I make it too hard for myself and never have time (read: be bothered) to do them each week. This one will be an overview of the week, sharing how my diet's going (read more here), Instagram pictures from that week, maybe a few empties, what I've been up to and just a general week review. Hope you enjoy! :)

INSTAGRAM - SEE MORE & FOLLOW HERE - Pink hair again! A few #ootds. Alexander McQueen sketch. Dinner with Jack & his rents. #southwestbloggersmeet in Exeter (& finally met Kerri!). Sunday uni work at my new desk.

DIET CHALLENGE - This weeks been pretty awful. I was hoping to lose 3 pounds, but just put on 3 more pounds haha! It was going well at the start of the week as you can see on the graph, but Friday was a pretty hungover day so needed to eat rubbish to make myself feel better. Needed to.
HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK - Yesterday I went to the #southwestbloggersmeet in Exeter. I was so happy to finally meet the wonderful Kerri as I have spoken to her a lot over twitter, etc but had never met her in person! The goody bag was amazing too, full of products I'm so excited to try. Also the top right image is what I wore :)

EMPTIES - I managed to get through quite a lot this week! 1) Sanex deoderant = I have hypohydrosis and have found this is the only deodorants I've found that works. 2) Argon Oil conditioner = Considering this was only £1 from Asda, I've really liked using this as it's made my hair smell and feel lovely. 3) Clinique clarifying lotion = This is horrid! The only reason I've finished it as I desperately hate waste, but I really haven't enjoyed it at all. It's really stingy on your skin and smells like nail polish (I had to resort to holding my breath and close my eyes when using it as it hurts too much!). 4) Touch of Silver conditioner = I really liked this, it's only a few pounds but I noticed a huge difference in changing my orangey blonde hair to more of a white blonde. 5) Clinique moisturiser = I liked this but not as a daily moisturiser as it's quite thick with the spf in it. I really liked it as a deep moisture mask though.


  1. Awww I so know how you feel!
    I tried to be good this week and only ate chocolate 3 days - one of those days was dark chocolate. But I think i've binged on other crap and put on weight!!
    Woe is us!

  2. You look amaaaazing you must know this! :D
    I;ve been so bad at my control recently, takeaways, the lot, argh!! I wanted to be flat bellied for graduation which is erm, wednesday. Didn't happen did it =/

    Sarah xx
    Friday is Forever Blog

  3. I always have to resort to that deodorant when my eczema flares up, makes my skin so sensitive! I usually use that sure maximum protection and it's pretty good for hyperpodrosis or whatever the spelling is! wish i'd been at the bloggers meet! xo

  4. Your maxi dress looks great :)

  5. you look gorgeous hun! u dont need to loose any weight!
    now following,
    Lots of love.
    Laura x


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