29 November 2013

This Month's Advertiser

This month I'd like to introduce to you a friend of mine, the beautiful (inside and out) lady that is Sophie. I had the honour of meeting her for the first time at the Company Magazine Style Awards as she too was nominated. She's such a lovely person who will go out her way to do things for others (for example, I was wanting some Bleach London hair colour as I couldn't find it in my local store and she instantly offered to go into her town, buy it and send it to me!).

Sophie is this months advertiser on Bambella Blog and I highly advise for you to all go and have a look on her blog, La Vie Sophie, and follow if you like what you see. She has a big mix of subject on there from beauty, to fashion, to food and all in between so be sure to check it out!

You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and  Bloglovin' (she's nearly at 100 followers! Make her day?)

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