2 November 2013

Sheinside Outerwear Wishlist

Sheinside is, I'm sure, a brand you've all heard of many times by now. They work very closely with bloggers which is where I personally came across them. I have to say, their items are quite similar to other brands, BUT.. are a lot cheaper (hooray!). I won't name names, but there's a brand I worked with recently who's items are similar, other than the price tags which are usually at least double Sheinside's!

When it gets to this time of year I am always on the hunt for more coats, jackets and general outerwear (even though I have way too much for my own good anyway haha), and when browsing Sheinside, I fell in love with their outerwear. They have so many interesting, unique designs and are ALL priced amazingly. Below is a little wishlist I created of a few of my favourites. My absolute favourite has to be coat H though! It's a little pricey-er than the others but it's such a beautiful cape and the fur detailing is just AHHH. Which one's your favourite?

(prices changed from US dollars to GBP using Google conversion, may not be exact)

a, here // b, here // c, here // d, here // e, here // f, here // g, here // h, here (oh my god, literally perfection!)  // i, here // j, here
You can also see a few other mega cheap ones that I love here, here, here, here, here, and here.

*this is NOT a sponsored post*


  1. I love coats D and E - they look so warm and cosy!
    Saadiya x


  2. your blog is beautiful, please check out mine & follow if you like :D


  3. Some gorgeous coats there - I also like H - how cute is that!!
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

  4. they all look beautiful! i love c and f :)


  5. a is adorableeee but I would never wear it! h is beautiful! like the perfect red riding hood style cape, obv not red haha

    www.tigerlilybeauty.blogspot.com | UK Beauty Blog



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