13 November 2013

1.2 Stone Loss Mission

I know this is a very much 'change-the-record' subject as almost everyone if forever on a diet, but since returning to uni a mere month and a half ago, I have already managed to put on a stone. I'm actually so confused as to how as I thought I was eating all right, having veg and fruit, lots of water (in the form of tea but it still counts so shh) and walking to and from uni everyday. But I weighed myself the other day and saw the number I used to weigh, plus one. Boo.

Before.. skinny legs :( come baaaack

I don't think I look too much heavier (I can see it a little in some places and maybe have been consciously posing in 'flattering' positions for outfit posts haha), but Jack's Mum came to visit the other day and said she thought I looked smaller! So I'm a little confused as to what's going on. All I know is that I was a stone lighter a month and a half ago, and was therefore a lot more self confident a month and a half ago.

And so enter.. 1.2 stone loss mission! I don't want to look or be ill, and I don't want to do it in an unhealthy way so I am going to make this more of a challenge rather than a burden. I want to see how quickly I can lose the weight, but in the healthiest way, healthy eating and exercise.

I have previously done the 5:2 diet which not only does it make the weight fall off (I did it before and it actually does work!) but also is said to have health benefits such as decreased cholesterol, reduced IBS symptoms which (am I really about to say this to 700+ people?!) I have struggled with my whole life, increased energy levels and many more. This BBC programme explains about it in much more detail. I will be doing the 5:2 as well as more exercise (Jack and I are currently doing the 30 day plank challenge haha) and eating as little naughty things as I can resist!

I have also started using the app Weight Diary, where I am keeping a track of my weight. This app creates little graphs showing your progress, how your bmi is doing and how far until you reach your goal. It's not an overly special app but I like it! :)

Wight Diary app + current weight
So basically this post is just me starting off a series where I share my weight loss challenge with you all! I encourage anyone else wanting to lose a little to join me as it's always better with someone else! Please tweet me @alexmaceachern if you want to and we can do it together!


  1. Yes! This is exactly what I need!
    You've actually inspired me to try and do something about my weight via my blog! :)
    Feel free to tweet me too @floraldanielle and I'm gonna schedule a blog post tonight for tomorrow.
    I'm not gonna do the 5:2 challenge but I will be eating healthier, doing regular blog posts and exercising :)


  2. My boyfriend has IBS so I know how awful that is. I've been the same too since going back to uni and it's just awful when you can see it in yourself that there's some extra pounds hanging around. I might try the diet! :)

  3. Oh, I definitely want to find out how you progress and might even join you on the way to weight loss. Could you please do a post or give and example of the affordable healthy meals you eat?

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    Enjoyed reading the Posts.
    Following you. I hope you follow back and return the support too :D
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  5. I've fallen victim to the freshers 15 (though in my final year) and am currently trying to lose around a stone. Myfitnesspal is a great app to have on your phone to help you keep track of what youre eating, even has a handy feature when you scan the barcode of food!

  6. You look amazing Hun! Keep up the good work and keep inspiring others :)



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