14 October 2013

Karma Cothing Red Maxi Dress

I'M A TERRIBLE BLOGGER. I have had this dress for SO long and have only just got round to posting about it. It's so gorgeous but I haven't had an occasion to wear it yet so couldn't photograph it then, a few months back I was working full time so was exhausted by the time I got home so couldn't photograph it then, then after I finished work to have a few weeks off before heading back to uni I decided to dye my hair pink (which as you can imagine, pink hair and a red dress weren't the prettiest match) so couldn't post it then! Finally my pink has washed out enough to be able to wear this so finally here is the post!

This gorgeous dress is from Karma Clothing and was only around £15 (if I remember correctly), but sadly as I'm an awful person, it isn't on their site any more. It's the perfect dress for the soon-to-be-here Christmas festivities, and Karma Clothing fortunately have some similar pieces on their site that would suit perfectly too (here, here and here). For the price it is amazing, as is the same with their other bits. I really recommend you having a look and grab yourself a bargain or two!

UPDATE! Huraaaaah! The dress is back in stock!! Click here to buy it in a variety of colours.

*Dress, here* // *Watch, here* // Shoes, similar


  1. Damn Alex you look amazing. Lovely dress.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  2. Wow! You look incredible Alex! x


  3. You look so so gorgeous! The colour of the dress is just lovely!

    Kathryn x

  4. Wowza! No one would ever guess that dress was so affordable. You have such a gorgeous figure.

    Tara xo

    P.S Really love the blonde on you. <3

  5. wow you look really beautiful in that dress! along with the shoes, it makes you look very tall, I love the silhouette! :)
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

  6. You look amazing and I love those shoes!!!!

  7. This is a really sexy dress. Looking hot!


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