18 October 2013

Choies US Dollar Sweatshirt and Shoe Zone Boots

I know it's getting colder and this outfit isn't completely appropriate but I wanted to pop it up anyway as we've had some quite sunny, not warm, but sunny days down here recently so even if it's just to sit indoors and do nothing, I still like wearing shorts with the sun shining through the window, making it feel a little summery at least!

I'm sure you'll all agree that this sweatshirt from Choies is pretty sick. In fact pretty much all their stuff is. There's SO much choice so you'll 100% find something you like there! I particularly love this sweater as the US dollar always seems magical to me rather than just a piece of paper! I'm not sure why, maybe it's just because I love America so anything from their is special!

As for the boots, I have wanted to broaden my boot collection for a while. I already have some heeled brown boots so was on the search for some flats. I seriously love these from Shoe Zone as I am a magpie at heart and love a bit of gold bling so the detailing on these just cry out to me. They are so comfy too! I wore them all round town for the first time and I didn't feel the slightest bit of uncomfort!

*Sweatshirt, here* // Belt, similar // *Shorts, similar* // *Boots, here*


  1. You look amazing! I love that jumper, the pattern is gorgeous! x


  2. loving your jumper <3

  3. I love ShoeZone for slippers, need to keep a proper eye out for shoes next time as those boots are gorgeous.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  4. I've had my eye on this sweater for so long, it's gorgeous! Looks great on you too :)

  5. Love that jumper! Looks great with the brown boots.
    You're so gorgeous!
    Sarah x


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