9 October 2013

Choies Fedora and Goldie London Skirt

When Jack and I came back to Falmouth for uni, he decided to bring his car down so we could make the most of our new home for the first few months. The other day we decided to drive around the coast and look at all the different beaches and countryside. We then went for a little walk along a footpath on the edge of a cliff with an amazing view of the sea and I couldn't resist taking some outfit pictures there.

Onto what I'm wearing, I've been after a fedora for ages as I got a little bored of my plain bowler, and this one from Choies is exactly what I wanted. It's one of those simple pieces that goes with everything but makes any outfit that little more interesting. Also this skirt is another staple I've wanted for a while. Skater skirts are so easy to style and I am slowly building up my collection in every colour! I particularly love this Goldie London one from their new collection as it's a super thick material, perfect for the colder weather, and has a pleather band around the top, keeping with the huge pleather trend that's going on right now.

*Hat - Choies here* // Earrings - Primark similar // Jacket - Topshop similar // Top - Primark similar // Scarf - DIY similar // *Skirt - Goldie London Sold out - new in here* // Boots - Runway Shoes here
Had to include this one! My face as it starts to rain, hate hate hate rain hahaa


  1. Love your blonde hair! Really suits you :) I hate the rain too!xo


  2. You look awesome Alex! I love that scarf! x


  3. Haha, the picture as it starts to rain is fab! Love the tartan injection.


  4. I love your scarf Alex. Looking gorgeous.

    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  5. This outfit is perfect, you look amazing! xo

  6. Great outfit! love the tartan scarf.


  7. I am loving that tartan has made a comeback :) Fab outfit, I wish hats suited me xx

  8. Love this outfit so much, the skater skirt is so nice! xx

  9. Another great outfit! You're so photogenic!

    Claudia xx

    Beauty and the Chic


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