1 October 2013

Choies Dope Swimsuit and Sunglasses

*Glasses - here*// Hoops - similar // *Swimsuit - here*// Belt - similar // Skirt - similar // Ring - similar // Boots - similar

I'm sure you've all seen these glasses somewhere by now. I first saw then when Kavita posted about them on her blog (mega girl crush might I add). After seeing them I so badly wanted a pair but knew I'd never be able to pull them off like she does. But when Choies offered me a few pieces from their huge collection and I saw them on there, I just couldn't resist. 

Similarly with this swimsuit actually, it's one of those only-really-cool-tumblr-famous-kids-can-wear-this kinda item. But i thought if I was getting the glasses, I might as well try out the swimsuit too, even if I only wear it once on an outfit post haha. Turns out since getting it, I've actually worn it quite a bit, both as a swimsuit when late night sea swimming, and as a top to go out to town. The only poo thing about it is that as I have quite a large bottom (lol), it's actually ripped a little on the leg hole haha.

Other than the little rip I am in love with these two items. Even if I look like a totally un-cool try hard haha. What do you think of these two pieces? Would you wear them? I seriously recommend having a look on the Choies site, there is SO much stuff, I can safely say there is literally something for everyone.


  1. Lovely outfit x


  2. Lovely outfit, you look stunning! :)
    Saadiya x


  3. your hair... are... different!

  4. You look stunning Alex! So gorgeous! x


  5. Your hair looks fab, love this outfit xx

  6. Alex you look amazing!! You are getting so slim! X

  7. Love this outfit! The skirt is lovely!

    Claudia xx

    Beauty and the Chic

  8. The swimsuit is very unique, but I love how your paired it! Those sunglasses are definitely Kavita-esque!

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  9. Your outfit is very nice and looking very beautiful with your designereyewear. These types of sunglasses are enhance personality and make them attractive.

  10. Nice dope swimsuit paired with that sunglasses.
    Thanks for sharing! check out my page for new blog post Swimsuits Direct


  11. You look absolutely stunning. Very beautiful. 


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