29 October 2013

Brag Vintage Checked Shirt - Jack's First Outfit Post!

The other day Jack final became the true blogger boyfriend as he was offered an item from a lovely company, Brag Vintage. Jack's style is pretty vintage and 90's so I personally think this brand really suits him. They also have some sick items for girls to so be sure to take a look at those and all for amazing vintage prices. Anyway, this is HIS first post so I'll hand it over to him ;) ..

Why thank you Alexandra. I have to admit it feels slightly intrusive writing on you're blog, especially as you've now labelled me as a 'blogger boyfriend'... how did this happen?! Anyway, as I'm really not sure how to approach this, ill keep it short so I don't bore or confuse your readers!

Living with Alex and her busy blogging world means of course my life ends up being somehow intertwined with it, which normally means answering the door to the hundreds of company freebies she receives, photographing her outfit posts (in the rain half the time) or accompanying her to various blogger events (I know, I'm just fantastic.). So when I was offered the opportunity to receive some goodies from Brag Vintage and be on the otherside of the camera I thought why not. I have to admit I didn't expect anything incredible, but I was pretty darn happy with the item I was sent. I am mad for two items of clothing; Shirts and Jumpers (Christmas jumpers are the bees knees!) so when I got my hands on a really good quality vintage flannel shirt I was a very happy chappy. It's a nice thickness for the autumn/winter months, and I a real fan of vintagey looks at the moment. The price is very competitive for someone like me who enjoys a good mooch in charity shops/second hand clothes retailers, and compared to some vintage retailers with shoddy quality, this item definitely stands out for the better. It seems to go pretty well with the more expensive attire such as the acid wash denim jacket and super skinny jeans from Topman, but would be cool to know what you guys think of it, male or female! Feel free to give me some feedback or any comments at all, cheers!

Jacket, similar // *Shirt, here* // Jeans, here

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