8 September 2013

Spending Ban - Week Two Update

So again, a little late with this weeks update but I've been totally unmotivated this week due to having an operation on Monday and being bed ridden everyday I was shattered and any small movements were extremely painful. Aaaanyway. This week I broke it yet again. Turns out I'm not as good at this spending ban thing as I thought haha. Although all the things I've spent money on so far, have been becasue I've (kind of) had to.

What I've bought that I was allowed to:
- Nothing
What I've bought that I wasn't allowed to:
- Lunch when at the Cheltenham Blogger Meet Up (post coming soon) - £9.70

Although £9.70 is like a tenner and a tenner is like a lot, I'm not too annoyed at this as I couldn't really go to an event I had organised, and not eaten anything! Although admitedly I probably could have ordered less, but I was hungry ok!?

How's is anyone else's who'd doing a ban? Have you been better or worse than me?


  1. I'm constantly on a spending ban(depressing side of being a student), but let off some steam with £150 on clothes last week, which I could really do with now before going back to uni... but I have some nice new clothes to comfort me!


  2. I had like £11.67 (I know, okay, I'm 13, let me off), and I spent the 67 on a blog ad space which had a % off. So I rounded up my money, and I regret it because I have had no referrals even though the stats seemed quite good on the blog. Poo poo poo. My goal is at least £70 by November. (Ahhhhh, nat gonna happen is it? I dunno) Haha, love these updates!

  3. I don't think you should feel bad about that one.
    Girls got to eat right?

    Leah @ Peaches and Smoke

  4. Don't feel bad about buying luch, it was a blogging event, it would have been rude not to! By the way, I looove your blog design!



  5. Sorry to hear that you had surgery and have been feeling so bad. Get well soon!!!

    And I don't think buying lunch is a big deal, you do need to eat! :)

    I found your blog on the blog hop, and am now following! :D

  6. Sorry about the surgery! Hope all goes well :)
    You look fab though in that cat dress
    Huge fan of the blog!
    Please check me out if you can :)



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