23 September 2013

Primark Gold Leopard Print False Nails

Primark Gold Leopard Print False Nails
After a few days when chips started to occur
After my own polish over the top

This was a review I have had prepared for AGES now but only just found the pictures and remembered I hadn't actually written about it yet. Although I bought these false nails a good 4 months ago, they do actually still have them in Primark now, as well as loads of other designs. Considering they were only £1 for the pack (which if I remember correctly, you also get a set for your toe nails as well as your finger nails, not that I would use them on my toes personally haha), they're actually pretty good! If you're after a quick fix for a night out or something where they only need to last a little while, these are perfect.

They stayed on for a good few days, but after a couple the gold started to chip a little revealing the neon pink plastic underneath. But as I liked how the actual nails looked I decided just to use nail varnish to paint over them which meant I could just have different colours which was nice.

Have you ever tried these? I really recommend them if you're after something cheap and quick :)


  1. I've used both the false nails and the nail wraps, and I think for £1 they're great! Not long lasting, but great for a night out or special weekend [:


  2. I put a clear coat of polish over mine and they lasted a week, such a bargain for £1! xx

    Charlotte| LongHairDontCare

  3. Ah I've tried a few Primark nail sets but mine never chipped or peeled thank god!
    My faves were the red polka dot set :)

    Kerys | Little Bo Blab

  4. Those nails look gorgeous! I love how metallic they are

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  5. Love the nails and your blog is so so nice! I started following you on bloglovin :)

    xo Mel
    Conquer your fears with me

  6. They look awesome, even if they do only last a few days! <3

    Tara x


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