15 September 2013

H&M Cat Dress, French Connection Watch and A Hair Transformation!

Dress, H&M // *Watch, French Connection* // Charm Bracelet, Gift // Socks, Topshop // Boots, Runway Shoes

Meet Bertie, Jack's new little pup!

Above knuckle Ring, The Bohemian Collective // Watch, French Connection

This is the outfit I wore last week when I went to the Cheltenham Blogger Meet Up. I am so in love with this dress. I got it for it for my birthday from Jack a few weeks ago, it's from H&M and was only £14.99, which considering how cheap it is, it's incredible quality. It's such a lovely thick material so will be perfect for the colder months, and the fit is so flattering (if I do say so myself haha!).

Now onto my new favourite thing. This gorgeous watch from French Connection came in the post a week or so ago and I've worn it everyday since (even if I am just in my PJs around the house!). At first I was a little disappointed as it is very light weight which makes it feel slightly worse quality than I thought it would have been considering the price. But actually once I had started wearing it, I am so glad of the weight now as if it were heavier, I think it would just become a burden and I'd wear it less. I am literally in love with it and would suggest for anyone who's looking for a special watch (but doesn't fancy spending £300+ on a Michael Kors one!) to take a look at French Connection's collection. 

Also if you follow me on twitter, facebook or youtube you may know about my hair by now. But if you don't, take a peek at the video below to see a little (read - huge) change I had!


  1. oh, wow, huge hair change! although it isn't what you wanted it really suits you, the colour is gorgeous! also, bertie is such a cutie! lovely outfit post, as always.

    robyn x

  2. Lovely dress and what a bargain! Such a gorgeous pup as well:)


  3. I love this outfit, the boots especially ;) I love your new hair too, it's so cool!

    Water Painted Dreams

  4. The dress! Yum! And the dog is so cuteeee! Loving the pink hair too :)

  5. I love your cat dress and that your nails matched it! Lovely (:

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  6. I love that dress, it's so pretty! x


  7. Jack's puppy is adorable and great name too, one of mine is called the same! :) xx


  8. I picked up the same dress this week! Adorable puppy!

  9. I am on blog hopping from blogaholicnetwork. Interesting post. Pinned your catty nails on my pinterest board!

  10. LOVE this outfit! That watch is gorgeous, lucky you :)


  11. Ohh I love this H&M dress! Seen it in store a lot and had to resist buying it - the print is just ideal for me (crazy cat woman haha). Your watch is gorgeous too.

    Jack's puppy is so sweet!
    Off to watch your vid ;)

  12. Well this dress is just gorgeous! Just like the pooch! <3

    S xx

  13. Das Outfit ist einfach wunderschön :-)


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