29 August 2013

Spending Ban - Week One Update

Spending ban week one update  
It's a little over a week but I thought I'd still give you a little update. Doing this update has made me realise that I've been awful at blogging this week as the post I did about starting this ban was only one post ago! I've been so busy this week though. I've had to design both my mum's birthday party invite (which went wrong the first time and had to start all over again, 6 hours the first time and 2 the next ugh ahah!), organise a blogger meet up within a matter of days, design the invite for that, meet some children for the first time who I'm babysitting for, as well as working 6 days a week. Oh my god kill me haha. But the bulk of the hard work is over now so I'll be back on it from now on. 

Anyway, onto how I've done this week. Technically I didn't spend anything on the first 7 days, but if were saying the week ended when I'm writing this post then I've already broken it haha!

What I've bought that I was allowed to:
- New deodorant and toothbrush - £2

What I've bought that I wasn't allowed to:
- Monster drink (naught naughty) - £1
- Present for someone. It wasn't for a birthday which I specified presents can only be for in my rules, but it was only cheap so I'm not too fussed about this one ;) - £0.99

So not too bad so far. I just need to make sure I don't make a habit of buying things becasue they're 'only a pound' as that's how I end up spending the most! It hasn't been too hard so far, there have been times where I would have bought something like food just for the sake of it but I've tried to plan ahead such as making lunch for work so I don't have to go to the shop and get tempted! Bring on week two!
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  1. I've jut started my spending ban too and like you, it's the cheap things that get me! I'll see something on offer but by 2 or 3 of them lol :( Its going well so far though so fingers crossed it keeps up!


  2. good first week eh, I'm on a major spending ban as i leave for new zealand in 3 months and cant spend a penny.. and I mean that literally. Although I did just spend 16 pounds on a jumper and top in Primark as I got a new job so thought I'd celebrate haha! ahh spending bans are hard x


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