20 August 2013

Spending Ban Number Two

So it's got to that time again where I'm meant to have saved loads of money for a particular occasion (in this case going back to uni) and I have barely saved £100. Which leads on to that time again where I have to force myself to spend nothing at all as I'm a very all-or-nothing person and can't control my shopping urges! So may I introduce, spending ban number two.

Last spending ban I had hoped to save £400, but somehow ended up with hardly £30 when I didn't even break the ban so no idea how I managed that. But this time I'm going to set myself a target again, this time of £500, which I will hopefully actually reach this time! I am starting the ban from today and will finish it on the 23rd of September as this is the date I go back to uni so seems fitting.
Spending ban
(my step-dad thought this said 'spreading jam' -.-)
The same rules apply as last time, which were:

1) I cannot buy clothes, shoes, bags, accesories or any fashion items.
2) I cannot buy beauty products unless I run out of essentials.
3) I cannot buy other unnecessary things (e.g. iPad cases, pretty room decorations, stationary)
4) I cannot buy presents for other people unless it's an actual event like birthdays.

Wish me luck!!


  1. Good luck! Glad it's you and not me...I would fail miserably at such a thing :P

  2. Oh good luck, I'm the same all or nothing. Maybe if you see something you like and want to buy, use the money you would use and put in in a savings account, xoxo.


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