30 August 2013

New Look Day Dress Styling

As it's getting a little colder now and not so summery, I thought I'd do a little styling post on how to change up a day/summer dress into an evening/wintery look. This dress from New Look is absolutely lush (sorry for people who hate that word but it's the only word I feel describes it how I want haha). I'm really getting into shift dresses at the moment, so this style combined with this print and colour is my ideal dress right now. I went for a kind of leather, biker look as I mainly wear black items in winter as supposed to bright colours in summer, so this seemed fitting (for me anyway!). All of this is from New Look and comes to under £100 too which I think is amazing considering you get the whole outfit, including jewellery, a bag and underwear!

What do you think of this look? I'm really enjoying making styling collages at the moment, so if you like them and would like more, I'd love to know in the comments :)

New Look day dress styling image rock leather biker look green dress
Bra / Pants / Jacket / Dress / Shoes / Bag / Earrings / Ring

*this was a sponsored post*


  1. I'm obsessed with making styling collages recently, too. They're so much fun! That dress really does look 'lush' haha, I'm in love with the colours!


  2. Love that dress alot... the whole outfit is fab xx

    Lots of Love Beautyqueenuk!

  3. cool post especially loved the shoes


  4. Lovely outfit! Love how the dress is a huge dash of colour in the midst of the rest of the outfit =)

  5. Such a good outfit! Love the biker look, you should definitely make more collages xo



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