6 August 2013

My Bath Routine

The majority of people like a good bath, me included, but unless it's the only form of washing you have, I find I rarely have one. I think this may be to do with the fact my cats sleep in the bath at night so there's always blankets and cat hair in it which I can't be bothered to clear away. But on the rare occasion I do have a bath, I like to make sure I go all out. Besides the products I use, the book I'm currently reading, candles galore and music are definite essentials.

Today I wanted to share my current bath routine (well, the one I have once a month! [I do shower by the way, everyday in fact, just to clear that up]). When I bath I tend to shower before or after to do my hair as I don't like doing it in the bath water, but 'my shower routine' post will be up in a few days so keep a look out for that! My baths usually just consist of have a relax, read, sing, face mask and then washing my body and shaving.

Left to right: Planet Spa face mask, Avon // *Trio Face Set, NSPA* // *Hungary Mud, VictoriaHealth.com*

To Relax:

To relax I used Hungary Mud from VictoriaHealth.com. For a bath, all you need is to add 1-2 tbs to the water and mix it in. It claims to 'soak away aches and pains, soothes the nervous system and eases internal congestion' as well as being 'perfect before bed for a deep sleep'. The night I took this bath, my back was in huge pain from being sat in a chair all week when I'm used to constantly moving, so I was looking forward to trying this out. And I have to say, it actually works! I'm normally one of those people who thinks nothing like this works, but once I got out of the tub and dried off, I noticed no back pain whatsoever! And that night, boy oh boy did I sleep well. I keep waking up recently during sleep but I didn't awake once after using this! 

To Read:

The book I took with me to read was Labels by H.C Carlton. It's a fictional book about happenings and dramas in the New York fashion world. I talked about it in my most recent youtube haul video, but if you didn't see that I basically explained that I never ever read but I'm really enjoying this so far and am looking forward to see where it heads. But like I said, I haven't read in about 6 years so I don't know if you can take that as a valid review!

To Sing:

For a while now (and I'll imagine for a long time after this) my favourite bath album is Born To Die by Lana Del Rey. Her voice is so lovely and relaxing, and there's not a single song on the album I don't like (meaning I don't have to keep getting out the bath to change the song!). I really recommend having a listen in your next bath if that's the kind of thing someone can recommend haha!

The Face Mask:

I have had this face mask from Avon for years now, which I can't imagine is particularly good, but I still love the way it leaves my skin feeling and smelling. It's so creamy and I love having it on my face compared to some others which can be quite rough or bitty (out of context that line sounds AWFUL hahahaa!). I can't remember how much it was as like I said I got it ages ago, but it won't have been pricey as I know I wouldn't have bought it other wise!

The Wash:

To wash my body I use one from Lush, and to shave I use Gillette Venus but I'll talk more about those in my shower routine post. To wash my face I have recently been using this trio from NSPA and I love it. Step 1 is a melting cleansing gel, step 2 is a hot cloth polish (I don't have a muslin cloth for this step but I just used a flannel and it still worked perfectly) and step 3 is an illuminating beauty serum. There's also a step 4 apparently but I wasn't sent that so can't tell you about it. I really love how these three feel on my skin, they're so soft and gentle and makes me feel like I'm looking after my skin in the right way. They can feel a little oily at times, but I quite like that feeling, so if you do too then I really recommend these. 


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