1 August 2013

Hungary Mud - Face Mask

I'm prone to a good old pamper every now and again, and in particular a facial. I love taking my make up off, cleansing and then using a face mask from some of my favourites including Lush and my newest fave, Hungary Mud.

Hungary Mud from Victoria Health has three different uses; one for a face mask, one for an in bath soak and finally one for a deep heat treatment. Today I thought I'd just share about my experience using it as a face mask. I used this as a face mask for the first time about a week ago and have used it one more time since then. It's not your usual face mask consistency at first as it's in the form of a power (allowing different uses by adding different amounts of water) which for a face mask in particular you add 1 tsp of the 'mud' with 1-2 tsp of water. You then simply mix them together to create what feels and looks like a clay/mud type mask. I put it all over my face and waited for it to dry (and I looked like a cracking statue) which took around 10-15 minutes.

*Hungary Mud from Victoria Health*
Then after having a good pick at the chunky bits (honestly you try and resist) I took it off in the shower. You can take it off just in the sink if you wish, but from my experience I know that I am incapable of taking off a face mask without getting it everywhere! This left my skin feeling refreshed and smooth, but I did notice a slight reddening of my skin which concerned me a little at first, until I read over the back of the packet again and read..

'Mask increases blood flow to the skin so can cause blotching, which soon subsides'  

which as you can see below, it did slightly.

I then went on to sort myself out some breakfast and get ready for the day ahead, which once I came to doing my make up about an hour later, I had noticed the blotching had reduced hugely so I was pretty relieved about that! Hungary Mud comes in a 250g pack (which from how much I've used it already and the fact I only have a 100g sample, it will last you a pretty long time) and retails at £20. Yes, this is pricey and for someone like me who doesn't have £20 spare to spend on products like this, means it most likely won't be a repurchase on the face mask basis, but if you do have this kind of money and are after a treat for your face then I highly recommend Hungary Mud.

Part two of this two part review will be up soon so keep an eye out!

Please ignore my horrific un-make-up-ed face!


  1. Oh wow, your skin looks fab after the hour! Mind you I've no idea what your skin looked like before, you could just look like a natural beauty normally, ha! Sounds good though, might have to treat myself!! :O


  2. oo i love a good clay mask! your skin looks amazing!! X

  3. Alex you have such a lovely complexion..my skin doesn't look this good even with a face full of makeup! I'm very jealous. I like mud face masks though, they make skin feel so clean. So do the Dead Sea Mineral products - they're my favourite!


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