16 August 2013

How To Cool Down In The Hot Weather

As today's weather has been a little hotter (even though it was raining at the beginning of the day, whuut? I know) I wanted to share a few ways I cool down when the temperatures get a little too much for me. There's surprisingly more ways to do this than to just strip to your undies and open the window!

Hairdryer ice cream cool down cold refreshing
Mark Hill hair dryer // Mamo's home-made berry ice cream

Hair Dryer:
One way I find is a quick fix is to use the cool setting on my hair dryer. Not all dryers have these, but there's usually a little button you hold down to blast out cold air, which is amazing all over your body when you can feel a sweat coming!

Cool Foods: 
This method is not only quick, but also tastes good. Eating or drinking cold products really helps bring my temperature down. I love anything from ice cream, to ice cold juice, to simply sucking on ice cubes!

refridgerated water spray cool down cold refreshing
*IOMA soothing gel for legs* // Bottle filled with refrigerated water

Cooling Gel:
This is a product I have just started using but already love. It is a gel that you rub all over your legs and gives a cooling feeling all over. It smells amazing too, so minty and fresh. This has really helped to cool my legs off recently. It also claims to relieve the feeling of tired heavy legs (which it does) and I have also noticed the skin on my legs having a much more even colour tone, but whether that's down to this IOMA product is another matter!

Water Bottle:
Rather than just drinking water from a bottle, I love filling an old, used up spray bottle with refrigerated water to spray myself with. This is such an quick way to cool off, so long as you don't have make up on other wise it smudges and then you end up in a fluster, therefore getting even hotter!

tap water cool down cold refreshing
Cold water shower // Cold tap water

If you have time and aren't in a rush, a really good way to cool down your whole body all the way through is by having a cold shower. Be sure not to make it too cold at first as I've heard this is bad for you. Get in at a comfortable temperature then slowly make it colder as you get used to it.

If you don't have time for a shower, running the underside of your wrist under freezing water works really well for me. Aparently, it cools the veins making you cooler all over your body. Whether that's true or not, I don't know, but it definitely cools me down!


  1. Great post:) I never even thought of filling up a spray bottle with refrigerated water. I love the sound of the cooling gel too- it would have been great for my holiday! xx

  2. The cool setting on the hair drier is the best, the dog is not a fan though ;)

    Water Painted Dreams

  3. This is such a different yet lovely post. It's Winter here and I am seriously craving summer! xx
    Cupcakes And Cocaine


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