10 August 2013

Cosmetics Fairy Haul

Cosmetics Fairy is an online shop that I have bought from before but admittedly forgot about until they recently got in touch. For those of you who are yet to hear about them, they are an online shop that stocks hundreds and hundreds of beauty/cosmetic items at crazily cheap prices. You can get almost everything from women's make up to fragrances to even jewellery, as well as men's care items; all from brands such as Benefit, Elizabeth Arden, MAC, Urban Decay and sooo many more. 

I was a little sceptical at first as to how they could get their products so cheap, so I asked and received this response:

"Having been in the beauty industry for many years we have a network of direct suppliers cutting out the middle man. We purchase in bulk and this enables us to offer our customers high discounted prices. The majority of our customers purchase in wholesale quantities which allows us to turn our stock around quickly and offer retail customers very low prices."

I was challenged to see what I could get with a £16 (I went over by 26p by accident!). It had to include items from their 99p range and the rest could be what I wanted. Overall after adding up how much everything would have been if I'd purchased it from elsewhere, and I'd have saved an amazing £25.66!

*All items from Cosmetics Fairy*

 I was in need of a yellow to complete the rainbow colours in my polish collection so chose this. It takes a few coats but once it's on, it stays reasonably well and is amazing value for 99p.
I was slightly disappointed with this as on the site it look like a purple colour but when it came it was very much a blue. Also it took a few coats to get a solid colour and then chipped pretty soon after.  
This lip liner worked really well for me. I have never really used one before, but from my first experience, this stayed on really well and created a perfect clean line.
This one is basically the same as above, as I'd never used liner before but this one suited me just fine and matched my dark red lipsticks perfectly.
This mascara isn't one of the best I've used but isn't one of the worst either. It has two sides, one to add volume and the other to add length and colour. It is very much waterproof (making it quite difficult to get off!) and lasted for a long time. 
I was disappointed by this item too as on the site it doesn't show a picture of the nib so I assumed it would have a pencil end (being called a pencil an' all that) but it was more of a crayon. It works perfectly well, stays on nicely and is waterproof, but I was just hoping for a pencil.
I wanted a little brush like this to blend in my eyeshadows so chose this one for only 75p. I'm really pleased with this item as it's exactly what I was hoping for. Very soft, easy to blend with and has a retractable feature meaning the head stays protected.

 I already own a white eyeshadow which I use for the inner corners of my eyes, but this has got a little old and the white isn't as bright any more so chose to get another. This shadow is amazing, it is so bright and lasts for hours. 
When I chose this, I thought I was getting a strengthening polish to put under or over my other polish to keep them strong and sturdy but it turns out it's actually a white nail polish that also includes strengthener, oops! Either way, I noticed a little more strength to my nails but not so much that I'd repurchase.
This shaving cream isn't anything special (but then again, are any ever special?) but it definitely does what it says on the tin. It's actually a men's product but either way, it still left me with smooth legs and underarms just as I'd hoped. One thing about this though, is that the bottle is tiny! I thought it would be at least triple the size from the online image.
I used to own one of these, but like many things it just went wondering. As I've recently started doing my eyebrows properly I thought I should get a brow groomer to comb through before I colour and it has definitely helped. The lash brush too has evened out my lashes making them look more natural.
When adding this to the basket I thought it was a bronzer, but oh how wrong I was (I need to start reading things properly!). It turns out this is just a crap load of glitter in a brush, so if you want to look like a vampire, then this is the product for you. It's just not my personal choice ;)
I LOVE THIS! I used to use a brush concealer like the YSL Touche Eclat which I was never really a fan of but never got round to getting something else. But this one is like a lipstick and I find it stays on SO much longer! I really recommend this.
This is an item that I had already bought from them before they got in touch to do this challenge, and as I was running out I thought I may as well grab myself another. I use this for my eyebrows as I find it's a perfect colour match and stays on all day.


  1. That is a lot with £26!! I'll check them out :)

    Kerry X

  2. Blimey, £16 what a bargain! Definitely going to be having a wonder over to their site :)
    Kirsty x



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