4 August 2013

Birthday Wish List

So it's come back round to that time of year again where my age goes up by a year (yet the mental age goes down). For some reason I'm really not looking forward to my birthday this year. Normally I get really excited about things like birthdays and Christmas, but not this year. I don't know why, maybe because I don't want to be 20, maybe because I've had a rubbish week and I'm not in the mood for anything, maybe becasue I'm awful at arranging things so haven't actually planned to do anything for it. Either way, I just don't wanna.

But! Despite this, I thought I'd make a little wishlist of birthday presents to help the friends and family who read my blog and don't know what to get ;) I just want to say that I am in no way, shape or form expecting all of this, or even anything for that matter. It's just a few little ideas of things I'd use a magic wand for!

Top left to right: Juice Couture rucksack, metal alphabet stamps, Victoria's Secret rucksack. Middle: (this one is for Jack) house bracelet charm to celebrate moving into our flat. Bottom left to right: lilac Penny board, Victoria's Secret gift bag, Urban Outfitters listography book. 


  1. Aw that charm would be so cute! I'm sure he'll get the message :p


    Kerry X

  2. oh, that thing are all so cute :) I like the bags sooooo much :* :)


    with love, Timi

  3. the stamp and listography book looks so interesting!


  4. I am such a sucker for lists, I love making them. The Listography book sounds incredible! :) x

  5. That pastel penny board! OOMPH, I've just added that to my own mental list and I've never had any intention of owning one, haha! Hopefully you start to get excited for your birthday soon. I'm always really excited and I've hate for that feeling to ever go away ):

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid

  6. The Penny board is so so cute in that lilac shade! The Juicy rucksack is cute too :)

    Robyn Mayday


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