29 July 2013

Happy 21st Birthday Percy Pig!

If you're a fan of a certain little piggy, you may be aware that it was Percy Pig's birthday last Wednesday! He turned 21 on the 24th and in celebration, Marks & Spencer decided to launch a new range of products including a limited edition Percy and Penny Pig bag for £1.39 (the first time they have ever been brought together!) and other products such as the vegetarian, that's right veggies you don't have to miss out(!), Phizzy Wands for just 85p and a butter sponge birthday cake for only a fiver. I couldn't resist having a little try of the Percy and Penny Pig bag as well as Percy's Pig Pen. When my little cousin came round for the day I thought I'd give her a try of Percy's Pig Pen which she absolutely loved (and I regretted as for the rest of the afternoon she would ask for 'more sweeties please')! Head to your local M&S to pick up these yummy goodies and be sure to wish Percy a little happy birthday whilst you're there!

*Limited edition Percy Pig 21st Birthday bag for life, Percy and Penny Pig bag and Percy's Pig Pen*
Ellie enjoying a stick from Percy's Pig Pen bag, and her attempt at giving them a thumbs up!

Pink Percy and yellow Penny. The bag includes little love hearts too, but I'll let you discover those!

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