1 July 2013

Bliss Eye Mask and Make-up Remover + Etat Pur Cleansing Water

Not long ago I received a box full of beauty bits which included these three items. An eye mask and lid make-up remover from Bliss, as well as a cleanser water from Etat Pur. The box also included bits from Soap and Glory which you can read about here and here if you wish.

*Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energising Eye Mask - £35.80*

Bliss Eye Mask

As I am allergic to animals, unfortunately including my own cats, I quite often get bags under my eyes after having an allergic reaction, so I was excited to try these. Especially as they have a hefty £35.80 price tag, surely they must work pretty well? I wanted to wait until I had a reaction to try these out to test their full potential. Normally I'll react about once a week, but typically when I actually want a reaction to test these, I don't have one for a month, so I had to try them on a normal day. Below you can see the difference of before and after, as well as during. Firstly, the sachets are so bloody hard to open! You're supposed to pop open the fluid bit with a firm push of your finger, but I had to use scissors as I simply couldn't get in! After that the rest of the process was easy. I don't know if the pictures show it particularly well but I don't think they made much of a difference. The skin under eyes felt fresh and taut but I don't personally think there was that much difference in the puffiness, so I wouldn't recommend these, especially for £35.80! 

*Bliss Lid and Lash Was Make-up Remover - £12.30*
Bliss Lid and Lash Was Make-up Remover

 I'm not normally one for using products specific to take my eye make-up off (yes, I'm a self-confessed face wipe sinner) so when I tried this, I didn't try it thinking that I'd be likely to repurchase it. And I was right. Not that it doesn't do the job or get my make-up off well, it's just something has to be really special to make me actually be bothered to use a separate product to take my eye make-up off! Like I said, it does what you want it to, gets all the dirt off, is gentle on my lids and leaves them feeling lovely and fresh, but for something like this that costs £12.30 is a personal no-go for me.
*Etat Pur Micellar Cleansing Water - £6.40*
 Etat Pur Cleansing Water

I AM IN LOVE. This cleansing water is basically magic in a bottle. I recommend this so much, since I started using it a month or so ago, I now don't have to wear foundation in the day as it's made my skin so lovely and clear. I use this after I take my make up off in the evening and after I wake up in the morning before a moisturiser. I'd never heard of Etat Pur before but since trying this I am so tempted to try more of their items. In conclusion, I HIGHLY recommend this and will most certainly be repurchasing, especially as it's only £6.40!


  1. It's a shame about the Bliss products, but the Etat Pur water sounds lovely!

    Maxine, xx

  2. At the temples, gently massage in a circular movement. Slide your fingers back gently to the inner corners of your eyes again and repeat ten times or so.
    How to get rid of bags under eyes


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