20 June 2013

She Likes Orange Collar Dress // Outfit

About two weeks ago Jack and I went to his Auntie Julie's for a pudding party, yeah, a PUDDING PARTY. Turns out no one made anything chocolatey so I was a little disappointed, but the sticky toffee pudding as pretty good so that almost made up for it! It was the first time I'd visited their house and although I only got to see half of it, I fell in love. The interior was amazing, it's making me want to do some interior related posts on here!

As it was a party, I wanted to dress up a little, but there was only the family there so wasn't a mega dressy-up occasion. I also hadn't worn my new orange collar dress from She Likes so I thought it would be a nice opportunity to wear it. I got it through the Etail PR Blogger Network, so if you're yet to be a part of it, make sure you take a look!

Although the material of the dress is a little odd (it's a bit like those elastic leotards you wear to gymnastics class when you're 8), it makes it so comfortable and is surprisingly warm considering it's just a little dress. It's retailed at £18.00 so for a versatile, simple little dress that's not too bad (at least for someone who isn't as much as a cheap skate as me ;) haha).

*Dress, She Likes* // Flower headband, ASOS // Rucksack, Vintage // *Shoes, Shoe Zone*


  1. That dress is so pretty. Love the floral garland too :)

    Kerys | Little Bo Blab

  2. such a cute little dress and i love the colour of it! your hair band is such a cute accessory. I would be so shocked if somewhere didn't have chocolate too!

  3. A pudding party without chocolate?!?!? I would have died!!:(! haha but you look delicious Alex, love the dress. I like high necklines if it's a short hemline - lovely!


  4. Stunning! Love the floral headband x

  5. Love your outfit, very pretty and summery :) x


  6. You look wonderful Alex! That dress is so so pretty, and it looks gorgeous on you! xxx


  7. I love how fun these photos are! You look gorgeous :)


  8. That dress is so pretty, love the colour!

    Julia x


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