18 June 2013

Life Update + Shoe Zone Studded Creepers // Review and Styling

Life's been a bit odd lately. I haven't been particularly well, so in between work, napping, working again and endless hospital and doctors appointments (four just this week :( boo!), I haven't really had much time to blog. I've been feeling all over the place and hate not having some sort of routine, so the other day I sat down and made myself a little blogging folder to get me back on track. Inside I've also made a list/table where I've written all the posts I need to do and what exactly I need to do for each. This has really helped as I now have a clear head (I suggest anyone else in a similar situation does the same!) and can now get on with blogging again!


Anyway! I know I'm awfully late with the whole creeper trend but it's only recently that I've actually started liking them (I blame Lydia for this). As soon as I spotted these studded beauties on Shoe Zone (Shoe Zone of all places, I know right!?), I knew they had to be mine. I've seen various other creepers in different colours, materials, etc but as this isn't my usual 'look' and I wasn't feeling particularly adventurous that day, I opted for the simple black ones. Considering these originally retailed at £29.99 and are now in the sale for only £16.99, they are excellent quality and I can see these lasting me a long long while! Below I've also included three ways I'll be wearing these babies this summer. What do you think? Are you yay or nay for creepers?

*Black studded creepers, Shoe Zone*

Lol, shortest legs ever?!


  1. i hope you feel better soon, i've been exactly the same this week and i need to get back on my feet! (untended pun hah) <3


  2. Your creepers are gorgeous! I really love them, I got a pair from Primark but I find them so uncomfortable ): I'll have to wear them in one day!


  3. Nope, shortest legs ever award definitely belongs to me, haha.
    Sorry to hear you've not been feeling well :( Really hope it's nothing serious and that you're on the mend now - missing your videos :)
    Mel xx


  4. I was always the same with the whole creepers trend but gradually starting to like them!
    These ones are cute, anything with a little stud action is a favourite for me ;)

    Kylie x


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