5 June 2013

Knotted Crop Top // DIY

I've seen a good few of these around and wanted to try it myself, but couldn't find that many actual how-to's, only the finished products. So today I thought I'd share with you all how I made my knotted crop top using a plain old top I had from before. I used a top with hanging bits of material at the side, purely because it's the only spare top I had, but you can use more or less any t-shirt. If you make it please let me know and show me your final products on twitter @alexmaceachern!

Ignore the PJ bottoms ;)

You can either keep it like this with the strips hanging down or..
..Or you can do what I chose, and cut them off to create a clean, finished look.


  1. That's pretty cool :) Love how cute the little knotted bit looks :) xo


  2. Aw I really love this, I've never actually seen this style on a top before but I'm thinking I might have to give it a little try on an old top that's too short for me! cute DIY crop here I come!


  3. this looks so good - never thought of doing it before!

  4. How clever!

    Emma x


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