21 June 2013

How To Get Blogging Organised

As mentioned previously, my posts have been far and few between due to various reasons, but the other day I decided that I couldn't go any longer with all these things in my head to remember. I had to think of all the posts I needed to do (which I've now listed and is 17, how I wasn't going to forget most of them I don't know!), which companies things were from, which email addresses to send things to, what was on its way in the post, what I had to photograph next.. I could go on a lot longer but I shan't bore you more! I decided enough was enough and it was about time I got myself a proper system in place to keep organised.

Since posting a picture of my new system on Instagram, I've had a handful of people commenting saying that they too need to do something along the same lines, so I thought I'd write up a little 'how to' or actually more of a 'how I got organised and you can chose to do the same if you wish' post.

Folder, WHSmith (I think, I got it a while ago!) // Notebook, Gift // Diary, Cath Kidston

One - Firstly I made sure I had a folder and lots of plastic wallets. I always find I end up with loads of random papers, business cards and leaflets floating about so I made sure I had somewhere neat to put them. I've also used one of these wallets to put in little notes I write when I think of a post idea or an outfit that will work well. But the main reason I use the folder is to keep my post check list safe. As I previously said, I have 17 posts to do until I'm totally caught up, so I made a little table (which I made a print out for you lot HERE 'cos I'm nice like that yo) in which I write the posts I need to do and check off each column once I've done it.

Two - Secondly I made sure I had a diary. As it's half way through 2012, you can get diaries really cheap from almost anywhere now, but if you can't find any in WHSmith or places like that, Poundland always have a few. As you can see below, I use this to write the posts I need to do again, but this time when I need to do it. I write which posts I'm going to do on which days, when I need to email people, when I need to photograph things, when I need to schedule posts for, etc.

Three - Lastly, as my diary only has a small notes section, I decided to use another note book to write in other bits. I currently use it (again as you can see below) to write in posts that I need to do that are in some way C/O. For example, I was just kindly gifted a jumpsuit from Phase Eight, so below I have written what it was, where it was from, the email I need to send the link of the finish post to, and when I received the item.

I hope this has helped in some way, whether it's made you realise you too need to get organised and chose to use my sytem or that you want to do it your own way! Feel free to use my print out that I linked above but will link again HERE, it's really helped me! I've also made a little explanation of each column title from the table that you can see HERE just so you know what I mean!


  1. Such a cute post, and such a great idea! I love how organized you are!

  2. This is a really good post! I need to be more organised! Definitely printing off your table! :)

    Adele-Marie xx

    Adele-Marie | One Girls Obsession With Makeup

  3. Love this. So getting myself some items to help me get organized tomorrow. Thanks for a great post x

  4. So glad you wrote this post - it's given me the kick I needed to get organised!
    Going to print off your chart now :)

    Thanks for writing this, it's super helpful for me & how pretty is your notebook!?

  5. I thought I was organised, but I'm nowhere near as organised as you Alex!! Great idea though, I love books and lists...Life feels manageable if I can refer to it all on paper!


  6. you are so organised! You have definitely inspired me to be that bit more organised too, i already have a blog notebook but definitely need a diary and folder!xx

    vintage teapot//fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog

  7. Great post! By nature I'm a pretty disorganised person so I should probably take some of this on board :)


  8. wish i was organised! i get lazy haha


  9. This post has really inspired me to get organised! :)
    Thank you for posting it, and I will definitely print off your table!


  10. Ah good post! I NEED to do this! Im always scrolling through my emails trying to find who it is that sent me things etc! Nightmare! xx

  11. This is a great idea! I started to panic because I had 4 different PR's things and was scanning through my outlook like a mad women. Great idea!! Thank you :) xx

  12. Just wanted to come back to this post and say thank you - I've since started the book thing and its been so much easier! I did write lists etc before but its so much easier to lay EVERYTHING out and tick it hehe, <3


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