9 June 2013

BassBoomz Wireless Speaker and BassBuds Earphones // Review

Now that we basically have summer (or a week of nice weather which usually equals to a British summer), it's so nice to have longer days meaning I can get up to all the things I feel I might not usually have time for. I visited Jack last week in Falmouth for a week, and the weather was utterly beautiful. We beached it everyday, lounging in my bikini and drinking pear cider which was the little holiday I desperately needed after a hard week at work.

This BassBoomz wireless speaker was perfect on the beach as it allowed anyone to put their music on as we all sat around the BBQ. The sound from them is quite frankly amazing considering it's size, and is appropriately named as the bass from them is incredible! As green is my favourite colour I couldn't resist this particular one, especially as it's slightly metallic making it look even better.

As for getting to the beach, we have to use the bus as no one has their own transport at uni. These BassBuds earphones were perfect for the journey, making it a little quicker and blocking out the sound of the crying babies and shouting teens. Once again, they were green so I couldn't help but like them, but what I totally fell in love with were the SWAROVSKI elements placed in the sides as, if you know me, I can't resist a little 'bling'!

Wireless Speaker



  1. Eeeee. You so lucky getting to review some!! I was asked to review some headphones, and then they said they were out of stock :-( Waah. Anyway, great review and I looooove your little drawings on the pictures :-) Bit of an essay there, but yeah. Heeh :-) xx

  2. Ah these look really good, I also love how they're in green haha
    My little cousins got something similar to this for Christmas, and I was so jealous ha



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