15 May 2013

natasha michelle // Homeware Review

Since I got my bed a good few years back, I wanted to find the perfect cushions to go on it. As it's a day bed, I had planned on getting loads and loads, and using it as a sofa when it's not being used to sleep in. My friend Tash who I've been friends with nearly 16 years (makes me feel so old haha) has always been creative for as long as I can remember. I was always so jealous of her textiles at school as she'd create such beautiful little pieces. She now has her own little shop 'natasha michelle' where she sells beautiful handmade cushions, heart hangings, bunting and much more. What I love is that everything she makes can be personalised however you like it and she's open to any ideas you have.

She kindly gifted me this gorgeous cushion which I simply love how it looks on my bed so I'm excited to start a little collection! Also this sweet little heart which now hangs from one of the posts on my bed. Don't you think they're just so SO pretty?!

Check out her Facebook page here where you can see bits and bobs that she's made, as well as getting in contact with her to purchase anything or inquire about personalised items.

*Cushion and love heart - Natasha Michelle*


  1. so cute! x


  2. aw that cushion is so lovely what a talented little lady! ox

  3. That cushion is so lovely, I'm collecting lots of cushions for when I move to uni in September so will definitely be checking Natasha's stuff out x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  4. Ohhh it is so cute and cozy) like it a lot!

  5. They are so cute :) the stitching on the cushion is so neat too!
    emmerliejay x

  6. So lovely :) really like your bed frame too!x


  7. Oh they're so pretty and cute. That cushion is absolutely to die for!!



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