11 May 2013

Help Tolly Dolly Posh Get To London!

Ok, so this is a random quick post, but I have a little friend called Tolly who is the sweetest little munchkin around. She runs a blog over at tollydollyposhfashion.com and she too has recently been short-listed for the Company Magazine Style Awards which is amazing as she's only 12 years old! The only problem is that she lives in France and doesn't have the funds to get herself over to London for the awards ceremony.

This is where you and I all come in and help her out. She's trying to raise £500 in order to get herself over here and have this amazing experience. So far she's raised £243 so only has £266 to go. Now, if my calculations are correct, each one of you would only need to donate 45p to get her to her target of £500. I'm pretty sure all of you have 45p somewhere, whether it's loose change in your purse, down the back of a sofa or just chucked in a jar, so if you feel like doing your good deed for the day then please send little Tolly 45p or more if you're feeling generous and make this little girly very happy!

Click this link (http://tollydollyposhfashion.com/2013/05/tolly-dolly-posh-needs-your-help/) to head over to her blog and help her out. Please please help her, she's such a sweetie and I know it would make her so happy to be able to come to London and meet everyone! Remember, only 45p!

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  1. Thank you my lovely one xxx If I do get to come, I cannot wait to meet you! xxx


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