4 May 2013

Fishnet and Watercolour // Outfit

As I am writing this I am listening to Norah Jones full blast, singing along and generally feeling happy. It's funny how much the sunshine can make a difference to people's moods. Fortunately it's been sunny for a good few days now so I'm desperately hoping it will stay the same for a while! I just love being able to slap on the suncream and sunnies. Which reminds me, a new pair of sunnies is in desperate need since I broke mine last summer :( I'll definitely be shopping for sunglasses in the next few weeks if the weather keeps up! I also actually managed to get my legs out the other day when I wore this so that was a nice change too!

I was sent this beautiful shirt a few weeks back but due to being mega busy with work and the weather not agreeing, I have only just managed to wear it. I'm totally in love with the watercolour material at the top, it's so different. If you do order from Goldie London, I would suggest getting a size up (in this shirt at least), as I got a S/M at first but it was TINY! So sent it back to get a M/L which fits perfectly now. I also like that it has poppers instead of buttons so at the end of the day when I change into my PJs, I can do the Hulk t-shirt rip (but without actually damaging the shirt). Simple pleasures haha.

I was also kindly sent these socks from Pamela Mann who sell a huge variety of tights, but I'm one of those useless people who rips every pair of tights on the first wear, so I opted for these cute little fishnet socks. I love how they add just a little bit more to the outfit without taking away from the shirt. But do be careful with these as they can be prone to little rips too!

Check out Goldie London's website, Facebook and Twitter page; as well as Pamela Mann's website, Facebook and Twitter!

*Shirt, Goldie London* // Skirt, New Look // Bracelet/Ring, Egyptian traveller // *Socks, Pamela Mann* // Boots, Runway Shoes
 photo 3014708_zpsbb97573b.gif

 photo 3014732_zps29d336a6.gif


  1. That shirt is so pretty and colorful, definitely appropriate for spring! You're absolutely stunning in that outfit, and I love the nice little touch the fishnet socks bring! x

  2. Boots with the fish net socks are fabby xx


  3. aw looks lovely on you. love the pics and the way you blog. and the hulk move is always a plus when buying clothes. lol great outfit :)New follower


  4. That shirt is gorgeous, such pretty colours! Love this outfit! The sun really does cheer everyone up! xxx


  5. I love this outfit, you are gorgeous!

  6. Absolutely love the shirt! The colours are beaaautiful :) Your socks are so cute too :)! xx

  7. I am proper in love with this outfit
    Roxy's Box of Tricks  

  8. Love the sock detail. Gorgeous


  9. just found yor blog and love it! this is such a gorgeous outfit!xx

    vintage teapot| fashion, beauty & life

  10. I love your outfit and that lip color! The little gifs of you modeling are so cute! It adds a really fun touch to fashion posts :)

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid

  11. I love your shirt so much!!

    Francesca xo

  12. Adore the chelsea boots with the fishnet socks peeping out! x


  13. Love your top! :)

    I'm your newest follower!



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