13 April 2013

How Much Is My Face Worth? // Beauty

I know, I know. I'm always really late with these things, but I always loved seeing the dramatic differences between how much different blogger's faces are worth, so I thought I'd do my own finally. I haven't worked it out yet, but I'll add it up at the end of this post to see. I don't think it will be too much as I am a true drug store girl through and through, but you never know!

La face.
Everyday make up.

What I used.

1+2) Contour brush and buffing brush from Real Techniques (came in Core Collection) - £18
3) 17 Va Va Voom mascara - £6.29
4) Clinique high impact mascara - Free (came as a free sample)
5) MUA Undressed palette - £4
6) Lush Feel Younger skin tint - £12
7) Lush Dark Yellow colour supplement - £8.50
8) Maybeline Dream Matte Mousse - £7.69
9) Maybeline Dream Mousse blush - £6.49
10) MUA lipstick - £1
11) Lush Emotional Brilliance eye liner - £14.50
12) Maybeline eye shadow - £4.09
13) MUA matte foundation - £2
14) Dr Lipp Nipple Balm for Lips - £15

Total = £99.56

Ok so that's a little (a blood hell of a lot) more than I thought the total would be! I think it's the Lush products and the Dr Lipp lip balm that makes it that price. But there you have it, the cost of my everyday face! I'd love to know the costs of your faces if you have done this so comment telling me yours!


  1. I think thats a good price for all the products you have. Tell me more about lush products is it good coverage? and what shade is the eye shadow hun. your skin looks flawless. x


    1. I don't know about coverage as I wouldn't say these products are particularly for coverage, but they are reaaally good, I highly recommend them :) They last so long as well! xx

  2. I love the lipstick colour! it's amazing how much we spend on this stuff :O Everything looks gorgeous on you though :) x

  3. This is such a good idea! I might have to do this haha


  4. Oof! You're so beautiful! Love those Real Techniques brushes; they have transformed my foundation. Such a fun idea for a post :)
    B. x


  5. That's such a fun thing to do! I feel like I'd be surprised how much mine is worth, but it all adds up, doesn't it?

  6. Wow you look so beautiful!! I looooove those Real Techniques brushes, they are seriously my staple brushes now! And that lipstick color looks amazing on you!

    xo, aly

  7. I've never of the lush products, I'm intrigued. Any chance you've done a review on them?

    Girl Reviews Things xx

    1. I recently did a video on my favourite Lush products which give a little insight into them :) You can watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45SvGN9msHg xx

  8. You are so beautiful Alex! Your eyes are soooo pretty.. weirdo alert hehe! I need to do this post, it's an eye opener xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  9. I love these posts!
    I think mine would probably be about the same, I use a lot of the same products :)

    Jesss xo

  10. These posts are so interesting, this is one of the cheaper ones I've seen actually x

  11. I love how that you don't need to use expensive brands to look good. Your eye makeup looks really good too & you really suit it :)


  12. You've made me think how much mine might be and I nearly had a heart attack! To be honest for the amount of products and accessories you use I think yours is fine. I think mine may have gone down more recently as I'm now unemployed haha!

    Sophs x


  13. I LOVE your fringe!

    Right, now I've got that out of the way.. I really enjoyed this post. I've never thought much about the price of the products I use on a daily basis, but I may well do something like this for a future post :)

    Tasha x


  14. It's strange how quickly things add up isn't it?

    Are your lashes naturally that long and, well, amazing? Just wondering if the va va voom mascara is worth buying? xx

    1. Yes! I always say to people it's the best mascara and no one ever gets it! They always go for more expensive ones as I guess they think it will be better, but Va Va Voom is amazing. Forever repurchasing it :) x

  15. A tad pricey but look at you - totally worth it! You're stunning! Plus I've seen some peoples be like $200! =O

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  16. This is one of the cheapest I've seen actually! I think mine would be about the same. Also - you're so beautiful! :)

  17. That's not too bad really. You make-up looks lovely! Your eyeliner looks perfect, wish I could do it like that. :)

  18. great makeup. i love it! mind to check out my blog? maybe we can follow each other :)


  19. aw such a pretty day time look!

  20. this is such a good idea, thanks for sharing, I may have to do it myself. i'm probably worth a lot aha

    Mind taking a second to check out my blog, I love feedback!

  21. love the real techniques brushes, and i just brought this mascara, its amazing xx



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