20 April 2013

Company Style Blogger Awards 2013 with New Look // Awards

Eeeee I'm so excited as I've literally just found out Bambella Blog has been short-listed for the Company Style Blogger Awards 2013 with New Look! Thank you to every one who nominated me in the first place, really appreciate it! Now for the last hurdle, if you could all vote for me one last time I'd love you all forever and ever!!

It takes less than one minute, you can skip the other categories, you don't have to write a 'highly commended shortlister' and you don't have worry about the signing up for the newsletter at the end, it's optional so just click 'next page'.

I've been short-listed into the 'Best Personal Style Newcomer Blog with New Look (less than a year old)' category which I'm so happy about as I'm really pleased with how far my blog has come in just 8 months! So if you have a minute to spare and want to make me even happier than I am already then please vote! Think of it as your good deed for the day, done!

Click the image below to be directed to the voting page.

My category is the first page you arrive on.


  1. oh wow congrats! i've just voted for you anyway so best of luck :)

  2. Hi, my name is Evie and i'm 15. I aspire to do fashion journalism when i'm older so i recently set up my own blog for some experience. I love your blog and it has really inspired me. It would honestly mean so much if you could check out my blog and maybe help spread the word if you like it. Any advice you have or promotion tips would be amazing. Thank you :-) www.mylittlelifeoffashion.wordpress.com

  3. Congrats on being short listed - you definitely deserve it!


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