11 March 2013

Walked into the room you know you made my eyes burn

£10 Or Under Wishlist

As I am a self confessed cheapskate, I thought it would only make sense to share with you all my amazing cheap finds! Although I'm still on my spending ban, I like to online window shop to see what I could buy if I allowed it so I thought I'd start a weekly (or whenever I fancy) wishlist of items I'm currently for £10 or under, hence the name ;) This week I've chosen to just share items from Everything 5 Pounds as there's a lot I'm loving right now. I'd love to know if you purchase anything! Which are your favourite bits?

Iphone case // Black studded wedges // Aztec tie-dye leggings // Red boots // Black lace dress // Collar necklace // Red hi-tops // Black daisy dress

Also, I've been nominated for a Company Style Blogger Award and I would love love love it if you could all maybe vote for me!! If you could nominate me in the 'Best Personal Style Blog – Newcomer, sponsored by New Look (blog must be less than a year old)' that would amazing and I would love you forever, as well as sending a years worth of virtual hugs to you all! Click HERE to nominate me, it literally takes no more than 20 seconds!


  1. I love this post! Good luck with the awards :)
    Chloe xxxxxx

  2. I cannot believe everything here is under £10, that's amazing x

  3. You wouldn't think some of these were under a tenner!

  4. Aah that collar is lovely! And congratulations about being nominated!

  5. I love these little £10 and under posts. Helpful for somebody who's forever spending a fortune on clothes and accessories. Voted for you as well :)


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