26 March 2013

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Beauty Review

Although I've always been fortunate with my hair, I still like to give it a little TLC every now and again. It wasn't long ago that I tried my first Aussie products but I have to say that I'm already a huge fan. I haven't tried every product (yet) but the few I have tried have been excellent and I'd really recommend them to anyone. So here I am, recommending them to you! Below are the products I've tried so far, and my thoughts on them.

All products from AUSSIE
'Especially designed for long hair Aussie 3 Minute Miracle richly moisturises ends without weighing down roots.'
When I'm off to a special event or just fancy a little pamper, I use this three minute treatment to make my hair look and feel so smooth and soft. When I run my fingers through my hair after using this, I almost can't feel it, it's that soft (if you know what I mean haha)!

'Aussie Aussome Volume Shampoo is designed to give volume to fine, limp, lifeless hair.'
Although I haven't particularly noticed any difference in volume as my hairs quite heavy so it's rare for me to get volume, the thing I love about this shampoo is the smell. It's quite hard to explain but I'd say it's quite orangey and spicy. People have often commented on my hair smelling amazing after using it so that's yet another bonus!

'Aussie Take The Heat 3 Minute Miracle is the heat protection miracle you've longed for.'
 This one is very similar to number one as they are both deep conditioners but this one has a heat protection element to it too, making it better for your hair as it protects for the drying and straightening stages after.

'This spray keeps your style in place without ever compromising your hair's natural shine.'
This has to be the best hair spray I've ever used. As I did gymnastics for around 13 years and then discovered curlers, I've needed hairspray for my whole life and have therefore tried A LOT of different ones. And yet I still say, this is the best hairspray I've used and it's only around £4, and considering the size of it, it's very good value for money!

'This lovely, long, leave-in formula pampers hair beyond the bounds of decency, protecting it from the blow drying heat and detangling it.'
This product is great for when you want a little pampering for your hair, but either don't want to use a large blob of conditioner, you forget to use conditioner in the shower, or can't afford to buy the in shower conditioner. This gives you a huge amount more for your money compared to the other in shower conditioner as I personally believe this gives you the exact same softness, but this last ridiculously long as it's just a spray!

Have you used any of these products? What do you think of them? Are you thinking of purchasing any of these products now?


  1. I've used products from Aussie over the years & they all made my scalp an itchy nightmare :(

  2. I love Aussie products, they smell amazing! I've just started using the Take the Heat leave-in spray which is also pretty nice.

    The Style Rawr - UK Fashion and Style Blog

  3. aussie products are brilliant! i've been using the deep conditioner for around three years now, but i recently purchased the leave in conditioner and i can't believe how lovely it leaves my hair feeling, i don't know why i didn't purchase it sooner!

    robyn x

  4. I love Aussie products! I'm currently using the Miracle Leave In Conditioner, and I have one of their shampoos too :). They smell so amazing!
    Take the Heat sounds like my kind of product, might pick that up on my next trip to Boots!

    Danielleyc | UK Beauty, fashion & lifestyle blog

  5. Big fan of the Aussie products! I use their 3 Minute Miracle conditioner and so far so good :) (plus they smell AMAZING) xx


  6. I loved Aussie, when I first used it my hair spelt AMAAZING and I was so impressed but then after using it for a while I didn't notice the smell being strong :( maybe I just got used to it I dunno. but yeah the 3 minute miracle is so good, Again I am lucky with my hair that its never really been in bad condition but the 3 minute made it SO smooth and shiny x

  7. Take The Heat 3 Minute Miracle is my all time favourite hair product!

  8. I love Aussie everything! I makes my hair so soft. As of right now I only use 3 minute miracle, which I love.

    trinawears.blogspot.com | nyc style blog

  9. Ahhh, I love the smell of the volume shampoo too, it's my favourite! So lovely. I also find the 3 Minute Miracle really good, it definitely rivals some of the higher end options (most of which have done nothing for me).
    Hope you're well lovely.
    Mel xx



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