22 March 2013

I'm lying in the ocean, singing your song.

*What's In My Bag*

I know I'm a bit late to the game, but after being sent this beautiful bowler bag from Stylist Pick, I thought it was about time I got on and post a 'what's in my bag'. Firstly I'd like you to just take time to appreciate the bag. This is my first bowler style bag I've ever owned, and I have to say, walking round town with it today I felt rather posh (even if I looked like a drowned rat thanks to the horrid weather!)! Although annoyingly it got soaked, I can safely say that this bag can handle any weather as there is no marks or anything from the rain! An aspect I particularly love is the snake print detail on the zip, handles and sides. I'd still like it without, but it gives it that je ne sais quoi.

*Anna Black bowler bag - Stylist Pick*

As for what's in my bag, it's nothing special to be honest but it's nice for all you nosey lot (like myself) to have a peek at!

1) Juicy Couture purse - bought when I went to New York. We had half an hour until our taxi came to take us to the airport and had $80 left so went for one last look down 5th Avenue and purchased this beauty.
2) Keys - as I'd be constantly locked out in the rain without them!
3) Mobile - My rubbish Galaxy Ace which is truly on it's last legs. Roll on July when I can get an iPhone!
4) Juicy Couture purse - bought for me years ago by my auntie before I realised how much of an amazing present this actually was!
5) Hair bands - no girl can go anywhere without spares.
6) Sunglasses - for the rare occasion of sun in the UK.
7) Inhaler - because yes, I'm one of those asthmatic inhaler needing dorks, yay for asthma!
8) Sketchbook - although I don't use it often when out an about, I like to have it just encase I need to doodle something.
9) iPad - I don't take this out all the time, just when I know I'm likely to be bored!
10) Heat by Beyonce perfume - as you never know when you'll need a little refreshing.
11) Lady bag - you know, full of lady.. things.
12) Small sketchbook - this is my ideas sketchbook. Illustrations, photoshoots, blog posts, hair styles, make up designs, diys. Anything I think of, it goes in this book.
13) Cath Kidston diary - won this little gem in a giveaway a few months back. It's so cute, far from your average diary.
14) Pens - how would I write in my sketchbooks otherwise?


  1. Your diary is so pretty and love the bag x


  2. I love Heat by Beyonce! The bag is great, you can never go wrong with somthing chic and black xx - Boho Vanity

  3. That purse is gorgeous!!!!! Amazing buy :) I also love the bag too :) xxx

  4. I love reading whats-in-my-bag posts! :)
    and your bag is really nice (:


  5. Your blog is awesome, would you like to follow each other?x

  6. Love the aesthetic of this post and I love that bag! It doesn't look all that big in the photos but boy, does it fit a fair bit in!

    - Tabitha at scaredtoast.com x


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