8 March 2013

If there's a future, we want it.

Life Update

So as you may or may not have noticed in one of my most recent posts, I mentioned that I was leaving uni, so after that little bit of teasing information, I should probably tell you all about it!

Illustrated woman I recently drew.
Basically I started off at Falmouth Uni studying illustration, which I then realised really wasn't right for me. I had also previously got an unconditional place at Falmouth for photography too so thought perhaps it was becasue I chose illustration over photography that caused me to not enjoy it. So I then swapped to photography. I've been ill for a very long time but recently it has got a lot worse, as well as other new illnesses appearing. This meant that not only was I behind on my photography work due to switching courses, but I was also struggling to get into class and do the work due to being ill. I therefore became ridiculously behind on my work and ended up failing the first term. And as well as all of that, I also wasn't actually enjoying the course that much.

For a long time I've loved fashion and hand making things, so had always thought at the back of my head that I longed to do fashion design (I used to get really jealous when I looked on people's info bit on their blogs and it said they did fashion design!) but as I hadn't done it at GCSE or A Level, I (stupidly) assumed I couldn't do it at uni. Because of this I kind of pushed that idea to the back of my head and almost forgot about it, until I couldn't work out why I wasn't enjoying uni. Then it hit me, that yes, I do like illustration and photography, but what I really love and spend hours and hours of my own time doing anyway is fashion.

I've always said that I never understood why people went to university to study a course, but then just constantly complained about it. Surely you should love the subject you chose and want to make a career in, not slate it all the time and wish you were somewhere else? The silly thing is, I was doing exactly that so realised something had to change. After the Christmas holidays I went to see the fashion design course leader with all my work and begged him to give me a place and let me swap to fashion for the 2nd and 3rd terms. But he sadly said no as I would be too far behind and wouldn't be likely to pass. But he did offer me a place if I wanted it for the next academic year, which I am now glad about as it will be nice to have a fresh start and be caught up with work right from the beginning.

So here I am now. Sat in my uni room, waiting for the next 2 weeks to be up until I pack up all my belongings to take home with me where I will be for the next few months until I return next year to do fashion! I can't explain how excited I am to be studying fashion day in day out every single day, eeeep!

Sorry for the length of this post, I just thought I ought to update you all a little! What do you think of my decision? Are you also a firm believer in doing what you really want with your life, even if it means drastic change?


  1. oh noooooo. Right, I'm facing the exact same problem but I just haven't been brave enough to leave. I studied Fashion Design instead of A-levels and then for uni I've started studying Fashion Journalism. I sit miserable in every lecture but just persuade myself it'll get better. It's now March and it's no better. Seeing you change and be so happy about it really makes me want to! But i'm just terrified of changing! Agh!
    I hope your new course is wonderful for you! :) <3

  2. That's so good! I'm very happy for you and that you will be doing a course you fully enjoy! There's nothing worse than doing something but not being fully satisfied with it.

    Congrats and good luck! I'm sure you'll be amazing!


  3. I think it's great that you are going to do what you want to, like they say life is short so enjoy it! I am in a similar situation I left college after a few weeks for various reasons but now it's too late to start at a new one with new course now so hopefully I will be starting new courses at a new college next year :) Good luck for next year with your new course xxx


  4. A really good friend of mine, Thea, is just finishing her first year of fashion at Falmouth so you may bump into her. From what I've heard she adores it, so good luck with it! I think it's so important to love what you do, I can't think of much worse than being stuck in a career you hated. I'm sure you'll be great. (: x


  5. Well done for making the right choice and leaving something that isn't right...a lot of people don't like what they're doing but don't have the guts to change it. Congrats on getting on the design course-hope it all works out!

  6. Well done for being brave enough to make those decisions, bet you'll enjoy the fashion course so much, I may be abit jealous : p


  7. I've graduated uni now, but I'm currently spending a lot of my time job hunting and trying to think what I really want to do. I have a degree in something that I was good at and have a genuine interest in - but right now I'm stuck on my future and sometimes think I should have taken a completely different route. It's not fun being in limbo and thinking 'what could have been'.

    So, on that note, I think you've absolutely done the right thing :) I'm all for pursuing your dreams (when you figure them out!)
    Congrats on getting on the course, I hope it goes brilliantly! xx

  8. Congrats! Are you going to be studying it in Cheltenham? Good luck! My dream is to become a Fashion Designer, so I really want to study it too, but I have a 'little' while yet! Hahah,

    Good luck Alex, I'm sure you'll do fab ;) xx

  9. Congrats! Are you going to be studying it in Cheltenham? Good luck! My dream is to become a Fashion Designer, so I really want to study it too, but I have a 'little' while yet! Hahah,

    Good luck Alex, I'm sure you'll do fab ;) xx

  10. So happy for you Alex! I was SO tempted to drop out of uni. I was just stuck in a rut and didn't enjoy the course anymore but I realised dropping out now when I finish in May would be a bit pointless so I am sticking it out! I sometimes wish I had chosen to study Fashion instead of Photography too. I even chose a course in Fashion I wanted to do, but didn't end up applying due to the constant demands from parents, teachers etc wanting me to study Photography. But ho hey, we'll be alright! :)
    ashllyd x

  11. Bless you! It takes a lot to drop out and start again but Uni isn't worth it if your not happy. My boy studied Computer Science and hated every second of it and really struggled every week and was miserable.
    Well done :)

    Roxy's Box of Tricks  

  12. congrats on finding a new course. I finish school this summer, then just go to America and be an au pair for a year to find something I'm good at. can't decide between design and law. good luck with fashion though! xx

  13. You are so talented at fashion styling and design that moving to a new course in September sounds like exactly the right move. You only live once! Hope you have some time to rest and feel better soon.
    B. x

  14. I think it's great that you've chosen to do something you love. I left Uni after a year because I just wasn't enjoying it and I'm much happier now. I hope you have an amazing time next year! X

  15. Good on you for changing to what you really want to do. It's a hard choice to leave something half way through and start over but always better than sticking to something you don't enjoy.
    Good luck!

  16. Good luck! I love your youtube and your blog! It would be amazing if anyone could check out my blog! Thanks :)

  17. I dropped out of Uni and then went back and did a different course, and then after getting my degree decided to go back and do something completely different. Best thing I ever did. I'm now exactly where I want to be in life, doing what I want to do and mature enough to appreciate it and work hard at it. Dropping out isn't an easy choice but I bet you anything you'll be so glad you did.

  18. I switched my course & it was the best decision I could've made. I enjoyed my course despite the hard work & tight deadlines, I graduated with a 1st Class & I'm now working in the industry. Good luck with it all & I hope it all works out for you! :D



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