27 March 2013

I was an angel, living in the garden of evil.

Outfit Post

I've had this gorgeous Spirithood since I went to New York in 2011 and have realised I am yet to blog about it! It's one of my favourite items I own (despite the fact I don't wear it much) so I felt I should share! It was quite a hefty price at around $120 (annoyingly more than I could have paid online!) but I feel if you have the money, it is so worth it. Firstly it's the warmest thing I own, which may sound silly considering it's not a coat and only goes on your head, but walking round New York in December in it, I was finding myself having to remove layers and I was burning up! I love the fact that it's a hat, scarf and gloves all in one, meaning no hassle when having to take it off and on. Secondly, the company is amazing as with every purchase made, Spirithoods donates 10% of the profit to the conservation of endangered animals, so not only are you buying an amazing item, you're also giving to an amazing animal charity!

Each Spirithood also has it's own identity which I love. I bought the 'Red Fox' which is believed to be cunning, wise and adaptable. It also says:

People with the Fox spirit are extremely intelligent. They are cunning, attentive and masters of disguise. The Fox spirit is able to observe a situation, acquire a desired outcome and move with swiftness and thought of action in order to obtain it.

Red Fox - Spirithoods // Coat, Vera Moda // Bag, Everything 5 Pounds // Socks and tights, Primark // Boots, Forever 21


  1. love this! Looks so gorgeous and snug! xx

  2. this looks so cute and snuggly! perfect for chilly grey days ox

  3. You look amazing! That hood is just incredible! Will defiantly have to go and check out their website! Love it! xxx


  4. I love Spirithoods but just can't justify the price tag! This looks so cute on you though, and not as OTT as some of the highstreet animal style hats can look :)

    - Tabitha at scaredtoast.com x

  5. I l o v e that hat! You look amazing. Plus the nails are so cute too.

    I have written my first ever DIY post if you want a look!


  6. Love the hat! I've always wanted one. Super cute!

    trinawears.blogspot.com | nyc style blog

  7. I love your nails here, there so cute x


  8. Cute outfit! I love your nails!


  9. Gooooorrrrgggg-ussssssss <3
    Cuteeeee xxx Love the nails and the Spirit hood!! xx

  10. Love your blog
    i've nominated you for the versatile blogger award: http://millyrose-mh.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/the-versatile-blogger-award.html

  11. I've never seen such a cute hat! <3 love how you've combined it :)


  12. Your red fox is absolutely gorgeous! Awesome purchase :)

  13. I love your nails! They're really cute xx


  14. beautiful!


  15. Love the Polka dot nails and red lipstick. Such a subtle way to add some serrrious colour :) !



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