15 March 2013

Hair of gold and lips like cherries.

£10 (£5 in this one!) Or Under Wishlist

As it's St. Patrick's day on Sunday, I thought I'd make another £10 or under wishlist of all things green to allow you to add a little Patrick-ness to your Sunday's outfit! This time all the items are £5 or under, just to make you even more tempted to make a purchase! ;) Will you be celebrating on Sunday? If so, how do you plan on spending your day/night?

Flat boots, heals and wedges, Everything 5 Pounds // Slouchy top, New Look // Nail varnish (left), Barry M // Nail varnish (right) 'Golden Green Beetle-juice', Models Own // Sunglasses, H&M // Crop top, Boohoo


  1. I love this colour, can't believe how cheap the shoes are too! :)

  2. I'm in shock that those shoes are only a fiver! x

  3. Love those green wedges!!! X

  4. I love the nail polish colors! They both look super pretty :)


  5. Can't believe some of those shoes are a fiver ha mental! Love your blog, now following :) xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

  6. I nearly joked when I saw that those boots were only £5 and I've just bought them, there and then, whether I'll wear them is another story but hey, they are only £5!

    Luce from www.bonjourluce.com x


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