8 February 2013

You were sorta punk rock, I grew up on hip hop.


A little while ago I stumbled onto a website called Wash Away My Cancer. I can't remember where I saw it, but I was really intrigued once I had opened the page. The site is a shop where a lady called Ze sells beautiful soaps for a really great cause. Here is a little info from her site:

Since I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I became very aware of what I consume, not only internally but also externally. When it comes to taking good care of your body, it helps to use all-natural products. My soaps are made with a lot of love and 100% natural ingredients, including essential oils imported directly from England.
Making soaps started as a creative soothing experience, but soon became a passion. I decided to take soapmaking to the next level and initially shared them with friends, who not only used them, but soon also started making orders of my products for their friends.
What started out as just a hobby slowly snowballed into the idea of Wash Away My Cancer, a website where I can sell my handmade soaps and other handmade products not only locally, but globally to anyone!
All sales profits will go towards paying for my cancer treatment costs, such as chemotherapy, exams, and living costs while I'm unable to work to support my family. 

As my Mamo was unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with breast cancer last year, I know how hard it is to have a member of family with this horrific disease, so I really wanted to help this beautiful lady by doing the least I could by buying some of her soap. It's the smallest thing to you, but it will make such a huge difference in Ze's life.
Beautiful packaging
Oatmeal, buttermilk and honey heart shaped soap
I chose the oatmeal, buttermilk and honey soap to give to Mamo which I received last week. As soon as I opened it I was hit with this gorgeous sweet, honey smell. I'm such a sucker for sweet smells, and this one is at the top of my favourites. It also came with a free smaller soap and a lovely hand written letter from Ze herself.

I haven't been asked to do this post by anyone at all, I just wanted to share this lovely shop with you all as it's for such a good cause. If any of you have had it yourself or know anyone who currently has or have had cancer, then please buy something from Ze. You know how it feels.


  1. How amazing! That soap looks and sound like it smells beautiful, I hope your mama likes it!
    I might have to make a purchase, I'm a sucker for cute packaging, and its for a good cause!
    Her jewellery is quite pretty too!

    Jessica xoxo

  2. I am so touched by this beautiful post.
    What a surprise! Thank you. I have tears in my eyes. LOVE is what we have and take from this world. I am glad you could feel it all the way from Las Vegas.


  3. what a brilliant website, the wrapping and the note are such a beautiful touch and the soap looks gorgeous :)

  4. This is such a lovely idea, and the soap looks beautiful! xx


  5. Just had a look and the soaps look really lovely, think I might purchase one despite being on a spending ban, it's for a good cause after all xx


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