24 February 2013

With what we have let's put it together and we can shine.

Favourites Post

Since a young age I have always loved jewellery, which comes to no supprise to anyone who has walked into my uni room. My pin board is covered in hanging necklaces, the side of my bookshelf has over 20 pairs of earrings hanging on it and I've had to resort to DIYing ring and bracelet holders as I simply have too much! I thought I'd do another favourites today but sharing my favourite pieces of jewellery as well as a brief look at everything. I hope you like them, if you want to know where any specific items are from, please comment and I'll get back to you asap! Which are your favourite pieces of mine?

Overall Look

Pinboard of necklaces

Earrings on a stand gifted from my Aunt and bracelets on a 'DIY holder' (hanger ;) )

Rings and bracelets both on DIY holders.

Specific Favourites

Favourite rings - from markets, ebay and gifted

Favourite brooches - both vintage

Favourite bracelets - all gifted or won

Favourite earrings - From Topshop, markets in Italy and ebay

Favourite necklaces - From Superdrug and gifted

Favourite necklaces -From Paris market and gifted

Favourite necklaces -DIY, gifted and won on a cruise in Egypt


  1. WOW! You have the most amazing collection of jewelry! And I thought I had a lot! Love your scrabble letter ring! It's wonderful! xxx

  2. love this post! I love jewellery too so it's great seeing other people's collections [: I store my necklaces on my uni pinboard too, makes them easier to see and no untangling! :P I might do a post on this too! xx


  3. I love seeing girls jewellery collections. So much prettiness and I love how you display them. I think the coat hanger idea is bloody fantastic. Also I know it says DIY but where did you get the ankh cross pendant in the final photo first on the left?

    1. Ah thank you! I got it from an Egyptian museum gift shop! I'm sure you could find something on eBay though :) xx

  4. The necklace pinboard is amazing, i'd love something like that in my room. x

    January Girl ♥ Nails Inc + Eylure Giveaway ♥

  5. I must have bought/acquired so much jewellery over the years, but I somehow seem to lose it all and always end up with only the broken bits and pieces left! It's ridiculous, as I am always buying stuff - it just disappears after a few weeks, or breaks, no matter how hard I try! Ha.
    You've got some lovely stuff, I think I should probably get some jewellery holders as that might help with my situation a bit!
    Mel xx


  6. Wwow, you have some really nice jewelry! I love seeing people's collections :)I especially like your heart cut-out pocket watch and the silver ring with the dark blue stone. I was being really dense and wondering how you got your bracelets on the hanger and then remembered bracelets undo, heheh.

  7. wow super amazing jewellery collection, love those quirky pieces!
    would you like to follow each other?

  8. I'm not one for jewellery usually but you have such a beautiful collection! I love that they are quirky and different xx

  9. Love this post! You have a seriously impressive collection, how on earth do you have time to wear them all? What's your dream piece of jewellery, if budget wasn't an issue?

    B. x


  10. Wow I thought my jewellery collection was massive until I saw yours! Coveatable!




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