11 February 2013

There are drinks and girls all over London.

Competition Entry

Another one, I know! I just really enjoy making the collages, having the chance to win clothes and also sharing the competitions with you lot! This competition is for Phase Eight and as wedding season gets under-way, they're asking for bloggers to put together an outfit with items from their store to make the perfect wedding guest outfit. The winner will win a whopping £250 voucher to be spent at their store! Below is my entry.

The main item of this outfit is this stunning jumpsuit (yes jumpsuit, I thought it was a dress at first too). I looked at a few of the other entries to this competition and lots of them had short/midi dresses so I wanted to go for something a little different. Although it's long (risky as it's typical wedding dress length), I think the colour makes it perfect for a guest's outfit as it's a dark, navy blue, which is (obviously) no where near white or cream. I love the detail below the chest and how it gives the jumpsuit a wrap-over kind of style. To accompany this, I have added this chic, white jacket. Jackets are always essential for those outdoors pictures when it might get a bit nippier, but this is a perfect size as it's small enough to be suitable for a wedding, but not too large that you look like you're trekking across the North Pole. On the feet, I have chosen these beautifully delicate shoes. The colour is a silvery blue, mixing the dress and jewellery to add another colour to this outfit. I didn't want anything too high as the jumpsuit is long, so I didn't want to run the risk of ankle swingers! Accessories wise, I went for simple silver jewellery, not going over board so just having a necklace and a bracelet. Last but by far not least, no girl is safe outside without a trusted bag to carry her treasures, so I chose this gorgeous clutch. The flower detail is so beautiful and I just love how the little jewelled catch on top adds that element of glamour.

All together I think this outfit is very chic, stylish and yet wedding guest friendly, don't you? Why don't you all enter? For more info click here and to shop online at Phase Eight click here.


  1. Great outfit! The clutch is especially amazing x

  2. The jumpsuit looks amazing, as well as the blazer!

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life


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