12 February 2013

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Spending Ban

I'm sure nearly every blogger has a post of this sort on their blog at some point, and now it's my turn! As Jack and I have finally found a flat for next year (eeep!), I thought I'd challenge myself to a spending ban to save up for rent money, flat goodies and just next year in general. I don't think I'd physically manage a 100 day spending ban, but could manage a 59 day one (2 months). I'm going to start it today and will finish on the 12 of April.

Sad Alex :(


1) I cannot buy clothes, shoes, bags, accesories or any fashion items.
2) I cannot buy beauty products unless I run out of essentials.
3) I cannot buy other unnecessary things (e.g. iPad cases, pretty room decorations, stationary)
4) I cannot buy presents for other people unless it's an actual event like birthdays, Easter, Valentine's day.

I know this isn't the most interesting post, but I feel that if I make a blog post about it and tell you all, that I really have to do it and can't change my mind! I like to set myself goals too, so I'm going to attempt to save (dare I say it) £400. This may not seem much to some people but bearing in mind I don't have a job, £400 in two months is a challenge and a half! Wish me luck!


  1. I maybe need to follow this an be a bit frugal on shopping to save money for my summer holidays!

    Now following your blog on GFC :) WOuld you like to follow each other?

    If so, you can visit my blog here:





  2. Good luck!
    £400 is a lot of money and will no doubt make a huge difference. xx

  3. Good luck! I'm saving up for a holiday and I find that whenever I'm saving there's always so many things I want to buy!

  4. I had a go at this a while back - failed miserably! Hope you do better :D good luck! x

  5. I've been doing this unconciously ever since the year has started. Being superbusy with all the studying, I wasn't even tempted to look through online shops or even go into town.
    But that's one of the nice challenges that gives the rewards itself (:
    good luck xx

  6. Spending bans are SO hard! Good luck, keep us posted on your progress x

  7. I should do the spending ban as well, since I've figured out that I'm almost broke... -_-

  8. That bra is amazing!!! I need one like that.

    - Keyta


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