9 February 2013

I will love you Monday, and I will love you Tuesday.

Wish List

This isn't so much of a wish list, but more of a list of ideas for you lovely lucky lot who may be thinking of Valentine's day in just under a week. Jack and I don't really get each other gifts on Valentine's day, we tend to just share some chocolate and fizzy and have a nice night in with each other. I also like to do other little gestures such as little love letters for example. Below I thought I'd share a few of my favourite home made ways of saying I love you.

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1) My first thing is a photo album. I got this idea from talking to a friend today who told me she's doing this for her boyfriend. Fill up the first half with pictures of you both from your relationship so far, maybe adding in a few sweet messages every now and again. Leave the last half blank to be filled in for future pictures. Alternatively you could make a scrap book where you stick in pictures of yourselves, places you've been, doodles and notes.

2) Although old fashioned, a love letter really does hit the spot when trying to be romantic. If in doubt of what to write, simply outline things you love about them, how they make you feel, what you'd do for them, etc.

3) As they say, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so why not bake something. This could be a heart shaped cake, red cookies or even cupcakes with 'I ♥ U' iced on top.

4) If, unlike Jack and me, you're a couple who share the same music taste, then you could burn a selection of your joint favourite songs onto a CD so that you can listen and enjoy them either when you're together, or when apart to remind him of you.

5) This is one of my favourite ideas of this list. Last year I made this for Jack and he loved it. Get a large jar or some sort of pretty container and fill it with all the different things you love about them on little bits of paper. Fold them up really small and make him open a few when he's with you, a few on his own, and a few each time he's feeling down or missing you.

6) Lastly, you could put your favourite picture of you both in a frame. It sounds simple but it's a really easy, cheap but thoughtful idea, everything you need a Valentine's present to be!

Will you be using any of these ideas this year? I'd love to know!


  1. The jar thing is such a good idea! It's my boyfriends 21st in a few weeks and whilst I'm getting him loads of actual pressies I wanted to do something sentimental as well to mark the occasion as it's a big day. Was thinking of doing a scrap book kind of thing but he hates photos of himself so this jar idea is definitely something I'm going to give a go! Thanks for the idea :)
    Lovely post x

  2. The photo album is so lovely :) x

  3. Aw these are some lovely ideas, especially the album! But the boy and I don't celebrate Valentine's day :) xo


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