13 February 2013

I wanna make that body rock, sit back and watch.

Outfit Post*

I've seen these studded bras in a few places and I'm not going to lie, it was like love at first sight. Even though they're not my usual style, when Karma Clothing offered me the chance to have one, could I really say no?! As soon as it came to the uni post room, Claire and I shot up there to collect it and I couldn't even wait to get back to the flat before having a sneak peek.

I had a little trouble styling it to making it look decent at first as, lets be honest, it's just a bra. But once I got ready to take these pictures, I had a little play around and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of outfits I could make up with it! I want to start off a 'one item, three ways' kind of series where I take odd items like this and share three ways I chose to style them. Let me know what you think of this idea!

I really can't recommend this bra enough. It just makes any average outfit into a statement and what girl doesn't want that?! And it's only £11.99. Yes, you did read that right and no, I didn't type that wrong. £11.99. Amazing, say no more.

Way One - *Bra, Karma Clothing* // Under top, Fabody // Skirt, New Look // Heals, Everything 5 Pounds

Way Two - *Bra, Karma Clothing* // Kimono, Forever 21 // Disco Pants, Glamorous // Hi-tops, Nike

Way Three - *Bra, Karma Clothing* // Blazer, Charity Shop // Jeggins, Asos // Heals, Everything 5 Pounds


  1. This bra is fierce and you are rocking the outfits,great post hun!

  2. I have to say i just love that bra/top! AWESOME!


  3. That bra is amazing! It's very gaga. The second outfits my fave as its slightly more casual than the rest xx


  4. It looks great, what a bargain you got, xoxo.

  5. You've styled this great, I'd never thought of putting a bra like this over a top! Just proves you can own something like this and you don't always have to get your belly out. xx

  6. This is so cute, i adore lingerie worn as outer wear, but i doubt it comes in my size and i'd hate to have any embarrassing moments!


  7. I've also been eyeing up some studded bras lately but had NO IDEA what I would pair them with. Have also seen the odd dress as well. But have to say I love the middle outfit - might re-create something similar for the upcoming Scottish blogger meet-up!

    Morag x

  8. You look absolutely incredible in all these pictures! xxx

  9. You look amazing! I love that bra so soo much

    Julia x

  10. OMG. That bra is AMAZING! I love your second outfit! I would totally wear something like that ... well not that I have some inspiration cause otherwise I would not have known, LOL. Well done! :) xx

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid

  11. This is amazing, I like the second outfit best x

  12. love this 3 ways idea, its fab!

    the final outfit is by far my fave, beauts!



  13. Love how you have styled it! I could never pull it off myself but you look amazing. The second outfit is definitely my favourite xo

  14. My friend purchased one of these, haha. I think you've managed to style it really well!

  15. This is such a great post. I've looked at these spiky bras before and just thought, how would I wear that??!?!

    I'd love you to check out my new fashion & lifestyle blog!


  16. That bra looks amazing and I absolutely love the idea of that 'one item three ways' kind of series! xx

  17. I officially think I need a studded bra in my life, each one of these outfits looks amazing xx


  18. Love how you styled this. Seen on eBay but was not sure. But you made it look amazing!!!! www.adoramehitabel.blogspot.co.uk

  19. Omg that bra is fierce. I lived the way yiu styled it Alex.

  20. You look amazing missy loving all the outfit ideas, the middle disco pants outfit is my fav!! Love your whole blog and now a follower on GFC.


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